Previously, on quinn’s coins, we have two boxes of pennies right there look at that. They have coins on the top. Look at these rolls, though yeah these are old. Looking rolls falling apart and everything whoa all right, so it’s in my hand, right here.

Look at this! Oh, that’s like what 1909 and this time whoa. Are you kidding me? Are you serious right now, so this is what kevin just pulled out who we got here? Oh my gosh, and now back to where we left off [ Music, ].

Oh hey! We got an older one right here, all right! Let’s. Take a look, i think this is actually similar to one that you found a little bit earlier. So let’s zoom in on that make sure we can get a nice close-up yeah.

It’s a little bit nicer than yours, not to brag or anything 20, 19, 23 and no mint mark, but a really nice condition coin, especially for that age, almost 100 years old. On that one, i have found the 23 s before that’s a key date, and hopefully we can get one out of here.

The 23 seems to show up more than you would expect so happy to see that one come out. Nice old, 1920s. Wheat penny all right guys so miraculously i just opened my first roll that didn’t have a single wheat penny in it.

All of them were memorial sense on the contrast, though, kevin over here said that he ‘ S been having a phenomenal role yep, so this rule i got uh five, just regular 50s and 40s wig planes there, but i did flip one wheat penny over and it was a really early date and then i saw three more that had really old uh appearing Reverses we saw earlier uh, they might be deceiving, but i don’t think these ones are gonna be so you would have said that about the last one yeah that’s.

True, all right. So here’s. The first one let’s, see what we got here. Yep see there. We go good sign to see so 29 in that one. So multiple 23’s. Multiple 29’s. So far let’s, see what we got here. 1.6.

26.. All right, i’ll. Take that not a bad open coin! Look how old this one works, yeah, hoping for a mint mark here as well! Ooh. 1920, all right! So all 320 so far same roll too. Look at this one! Look! How thick the rims are, that’s.

What you like to see! Oh, what is that whoa is that a 20? Oh, it’s a 23.. I don’t, see a mint mark, though yeah i looked real hard for one two: three 22, no d: oh man, that would have been a money coin, so four 1920s coins in the same role, unbelievable, that’s awesome and at The same time, i’m, getting zero wheat pennies on my roll yeah, all right man.

We are not even halfway through guys. We got lots to go. Let’s, keep getting into these and see what else we can find dude. What is that? You see that whoa all right, we got ta, take a look at this one.

It’s, a wee right. I think so. So we got this crazy. Looking corn right here it’s. Definitely uh older. I think it’s, a wheat penny for sure super corroded. Let’s. Take a look at what this is going to be.

I don’t know. If we’re going to be able to get a date off, but there’s, a 41 wheatie right next to it. So there you have it. There is the nicely corroded wheat cent, let’s, go ahead and flip. This one over see we have for a date on it if we can get it in three two one.

Oh my gosh, that’s. Gon na be tough. I don’t know. If we’re gonna be able to get that date off of there. Let me know down in the comments below. If you see the 1914 d like i did and uh we ‘

Ll have a you know, a couple hundred dollar coin right there, all right that’s uh i don’t know if how we’re, going to count that probably as five points. I think that’s. What we usually do, when we can’t figure out uh what a wheat penny is going to be, as you can see, tons and tons of wheats in this roll.

As always, kevin’s, going to try and figure that out over there yeah it’s. It’s, tough, so probably going to just be a five-point coin. What do we have here? Kevin just a 20 29 just the 20s, that’s, no big deal all right.

We’ll, get on to the next one, see what else we can get. Oh, we got an older one right here. You know now let’s. Take a look here. We have another wheat penny from the teens. I saw this one. I wasn’t sure.

If it was gonna be older, it did turn out being older, though it’s, a 1919 also pretty heavily corroded a little bit redder than you’re used to seeing uh with a wheat penny. Let’s. Try and get a closer look a little bit better lighting here, 1919 over 100 years old, really nice to see another nice old coin come out of the roll and especially coming from behind.

I’m, currently uh sitting a little bit far behind kevin right now. I think, probably because of all those 20s he found earlier in that last roll. He’s at 584 and i am at 540., so it’s. Nice to have some of those come out for us, whoa, okay, you got over here guys.

This is something i would have never expected to come out of this box. Yeah that’s, not copper! Is it it’s? Not it’s, it’s, two years away from the weighty state that was ever found in this box, not only that it’s, a proof yeah.

So look at that. That’s, crazy 1985. San francisco, really nice, looking shiny proof right there. What the heck is this coin doing in this box, that is an absolute beaut, really couldn’t, miss that yeah for sure, but uh yeah.

Definitely not what you would expect so kind of uh. I don’t really know what to say to everybody. Yeah i’ll, take it for sure yeah and we do count those on our list. You see right here proof we’ve, gotten just about every single thing to come out.

That could come out that’s, a 10 point coin for you. So nice work do this one this one’s; cleaned eight! Oh yeah, as heck i don’t know what i was about to say: let’s, see this. That is definitely acid, cleaned, no reason to clean a coin like that.

Let’s flip this over see what we have for a date: 1947 on that cleaned coin, that’s, just gonna be a five-point coin for us, not sure why the first clean coin to come out of here yeah i’ve seen there’s, a nice sweetie right there.

Oh, that’s a little bit older. Let’s. Take a look! It’s, actually a 30s! So 10 point coin. 1935. Actually, quite a few of the mid 30s to come out uh so far, so it’s, not a huge surprise, to see those anymore another 39 to pop out from me whoa.

What is this? What do you have? So i think that was on camera there zoom in a little bit here and focus. Oh. What do you got 1919 from what i can tell but look at how corroded it is, and i think wow that reversed.

I believe there is a mid mark. Um. Oh, is it really pull it down a tiny bit yeah that looks like a san francisco. I’d, say it’s. Gon na be tough to tell, even if there is one i think it’s, an s think so yeah.

I do yeah definitely looks like an s to me. Checking for 1919s. No, no. 19S are pretty common. Oh that’s cool though another i don’t. Think i’ve, gotten any mint marks on those older coins, yet so that is definitely nice to see on your end.

Over there yeah there we go something a little bit older here, just popped out coming in in 1930, let’s. Take a look: oh 1930 philadelphia, not a bad! Looking coin. Take that all day – and i have 10 points on the board – all right right behind that 30.

Let me just get through the rest of this roll, really quick, yep, nothing else so right behind that 30, another 10 years older coming in at 19.. Oh there’s; an s on that too. I didn’t even see that 1920 20 san francisco.

So look at that that’s, not the one that i yeah. I’ve, seen the 1919 that we saw that come out earlier 1919 s, but look at that. Dude, low, mintage, lincoln cents and 1920s does make the cut as well as the 1925.

That is another low mintage coin. For you kevin. I think you are pulling away with the lead on this one: hey. I got a nice older one right here. Let’s, see what uh we got wrong way once again, still figuring this camera out.

1928 is the year on mine. Definitely a nice! Looking coin, especially for that age, getting towards that 100 year, uh mark 1928 would really like to see a minute mark on it, but still happy with it. Just pulled something myself, not quite as old, but something we haven’t seen yet in this box in 1935, 30 photography.

Well, i’ve, seen quite a few thirty, oh really yeah. Okay, oh yeah! No! That’s! That’s cool, though still early 40s or you know pre-40s, but yeah, oh dude, i just grabbed. Oh man. I was too zoomed in to even get this to show up on camera, but uh.

Here let’s. Just pull this off here and show you guys this just came out of the roll, see it right there. Look at that kevin clear as day 1919 san francisco, we already established that that is not uh going to be a low, mintage corner or anything, but it is nice to see a nice old coin with a mint mark 1919 san francisco, very cool, so kevin.

I know you had that roll with all of the 20s in it. I just got that 1919 san francisco out and then right next to it, i was able to pull a 36 another pre-40s coin and then right there look at that. That’s.

Actually, a really nice wood air wood grain here on that 1929, a date that we’ve, seen many times in this box, but definitely not like this. That is very, very cool. An incorrect mixing of the alloys is what creates something like that, and you only see them in the earlier uh lincoln sense.

I believe so. We’ll just check these other ones out here to see if we can get anything on the remaining wheat pennies in that roll, it looks like we’re, not definitely a great role for me. I think that’s.

Probably just about going to tie us up, we’ll, have to point out to score these uh rolls in just a second here to see where we are at all right. I just grabbed this wheat penny right here. I think we may have an older one that’s, pretty slick.

Looking, let’s flip this one over see what we’re gonna get oh nice, that’s, the oldest uh! Next, to that 1909. Anyway, 1913 guys look at that. It’s. Gon na say, look how thick those rims are in the reverse.

Yeah i’m, always looking for it yeah that definitely had that older look to it. That is awesome. Awesome awesome, awesome. All right, so i’m, catching up to kevin right now. He got a few rolls ahead of me, somehow taking a little break here, yeah, so i am uh.

Just gonna be pulling out some wheat pennies. We’re gonna be counting the score up in just a minute here. Just finished with that rule. I think i’m gonna do one more and then we’ll count the score. We got something over here.

Let me pull this off here. I don’t know what this is gonna, be that doesn’t look american, looks interesting. Let’s. Take a look here, three, two one: okay! What is that that’s foreign to me, that’s, not canadian? I thought it might be 16 1916.

Five cent looks like it must be from belgium or about i don’t know. Maybe i am completely reading that wrong five cent. I don’t even want to try that belgian. That sounds like belgium to me. We’ll have to look into that when it’s.

Actually, penny shaped for the first time, um really cool to see that old foreign come out. I don’t know what kind of metal this is it’s very light. It’s kind of got a gray. Look to it so i was thinking, oh maybe this is going to be a steel scent, but very cool.

I’m gonna have to uh look that up and put some information on the screen, so you guys can kind of figure that one out as well all right anything else. Interesting in this role we’ll have to see people.

There look look through six, oh 36, all right! That’s. Another 10 point coin right there put that to the side and we’ll. Look through the rest of this roll see what else we can get. Oh, it was 100 off that’s.

What it was you were: 100 off yeah. You want me to add 100 to your score, that’s for no reason. No, it’s. It’s 864.. So you want me to dump a bunch of points just out of nowhere, yeah unbelievable whoa.

What look at that? Whoa guys? I got something really cool here. Let’s zoom in on that man, that’s. Awesome it’s. Not only is this a 1934 wheat cent wow look at how lustrous that is it’s, a full cartwheel guys.

This is like full carpet, i mean i don’t. I don’t want to say uh mid state, but it sure is looking state, maybe maybe a height high, a u! That’s better than the 56 i found earlier. I mean usually when we find them like this.

They’re. You know 56. 57. 58. We’ve, never found one this early. Looking this nice 1934 man. That is awesome. Gon na have to put that one in a flip around that’s, a great looking coin, yeah for sure man, you’ve, been finding some of the best ones for sure and uh.

We just updated the score it turns out. You know we are even now kevin’s. Actually taking this one away. He’s at 864 and i am at 822.. So still close, we’re. Both you know within the same hundreds, but we have.

It looks like five more rolls to go after this. One kevin just got that really nice, 1934 and uh plenty more to look through. I think i may have an older one right here. Just pull this right here. Let’s, take a little command that definitely looks older.

What do you think uh yeah? It says uh, probably teams, let’s, go ahead and flip it in 1915, three two and one key date: twenty eight twenty, eight interesting, not as old as i thought it would be, and no mint mark, but still a ten point coin.

So i will take it all right guys. I just got into the next roll, and i think i have another older looking coin right here, pretty similar to the last one. Let’s flip this one over. Hopefully we got a teens wheatie with a mint mark three two one.

Oh, we definitely have a teens wheaties 18, all right 1917 in very rough shape. I do not see a mint mark on that, though. Let me know down in the comments below if you are seeing one, but i do not so that is going to be a fairly common coin um, but in that age range we’re, going to be looking at a 10-point coin right there, so That is awesome out of that same roll.

We just pulled this one out and uh last one i thought had like a cut like a little conglomeration of metal. I’m kind of seeing that down there on the data and unless that’s, just damage yeah that’s, probably just damaging me.

It does look to be slightly off center yeah, that is a 1920 still fairly common. No mint mark on that, but nice to have an older one and that’s in pretty rough shape as well, but hey another 10 point coin tons of wheats in this roll as well.

What are you doing every time you see this coin and we’ve seen this coin a lot today? Well, what is that yeah stuff on the side of it? Bring it down just a tiny bit: um that’s, got to be postman. I don’t, see how that could be a mint error, but uh, as i was saying, every time you see this coin, i think it’s, a 22 no d, but uh i mean i’m, not gonna, Say unfortunately, but i mean it is a 23, so it’s a great looking coin.

So this one’s, looking kind of older it’s, going to flip on camera, just in case 20.. Oh really, nice looking there that could have been 24 d yeah, which would have been a really good date, but i haven’t, had any denver’s, yeah 24.

, that’s, a great looking coin for 24.. This is a really weird looking wheat that i just pulled out of fourth to last roll kind of looks like it’s been in a fire or something let’s flip this one over to see what we have for a date.

Yeah, that’s, definitely an older one. 1918. It’s. A little bit beat up on the front, not really in great shape. I’m, not seeing a mint mark, though so 1918 is another 10 point coin. For us. Let’s, get into the rest of this roll and see what else we can get all right guys.

We are down to our last two rolls each from this box and the score is super tight. It’s crazy. We just hit a thousand points each i am currently at 1002 and kevin is at 1029. He’s ahead by 27 points that’s easily makeupable.

If i find a whole bunch of 10s 20s 30s, something like that super easy. So it’s. Really anyone’s game at this point. It’s, unbelievable because you found so many key day or not key day, but low mintage coins – you’ve got three of them so far and i have zero.

I think it’s. Just the numbers has been really on my side in this hunt so far, so we just have two rolls each left to go and we’re going to be opening them up here, live for you to see how this competition ends up for us.

So, right off the bat guys, my rule is not looking good. I’m, seeing just a ton of memorials not really seeing any wheat pennies at all kevin how’s it looking over there for you, i’m. Seeing a few weeds poking out, you know it’s funny, because these last few rolls were usually like one week to like tie the score like get someone over to someone else’s score.

This is super funny because we’re, probably pulling out like four or five weeks out of this classroom, like every other role will speak so soon. I think i just got my third role in the entire thing, where there’s, literally no wheat, pennies whoa.

That is not looking good. Are you kidding me? Are you serious right now, the second to last roll? Oh, my gosh dude an indian head and those are worth like a hundred points. You’re, definitely going to be pulling away with this one.

I could have used that 100 points. Yes, it’s, a hundred points and i could have definitely used. Oh no, sorry, indian heads are 50 points i was thinking flying eagles. Are a hundred indian heads are going to be worth 50 points.

That would have been really nice for me to have guys. This was totally you probably can’t really see any cameras. Let me let me bring that in for you, so this is what kevin just pulled out. We thought we might have one in this box and miraculously it pulled out for us right, i mean honestly.

I was kind of surprised that we have gotten this far without pulling one out well. You know he said that there may be indians in here. He never saw one in the house really, the oldest, he was able to find was 1910.

. We just got a 1909 earlier in the box and now we have an indian headphones great looking coins back. So we got here, oh 1904, so i was kind of expecting to be in the 1900s, but still that is a fantastic looking coin, no problems at all nice, even circulation.

That’s. A wonderful point guys. I think that’s. The second indian i’ve, ever pulled out of a box yeah, and this is no ordinary box right, so it definitely doesn ‘ T. Surprise me to be coming out right here, but that is that is fantastic.

Really i mean i’m, pretty shocked, to be honest with you, i never would have thought to actually have that come up just because he said the soonest that he had seen was 1910 right and uh. He’s looked through quite a few of these boxes.

Already so yeah to have an indian head come out is really really cool uh. Unfortunately, i’m, not getting anything on my roll here’s a 55. Let’s check for the double die, not seeing it not going to be a millionaire tonight.

Unfortunately, okay, here’s, an interesting. I think i’m. Pulling ahead of here. Ryan you’re. Definitely 1935.. I mean i literally got zero on that last roll, so unless i get an indian head and and a whole bunch more on this one, i’m, not really sure.

So i’m gonna be opening mine now kevin. You still have quite a few to get through, oh dude. What is that? What that look? It looks like it’s, a wheat. It is a weed there’s, actually a lot of wheats in this one, so that’s, good news for me definitely and older.

Looking wheat, though so i’m thinking, definitely teens. If we can get a key date here, it might be difficult to tell if there’s a mint mark, sometimes when you get them in this condition. Those midmarks are pretty slick, so hopefully we have something here.

Let’s. Take a look guys, three, two one. Ah it is older. It’s, a 1917. It’s, one that we found before. Unfortunately, just gonna be worth 10 points for us. I’m, not sure if that’s, going to cut it. As far as this competition is concerned, let’s.

Uh go kind of dial it back there. I’ve got a couple wheaties right here, which is definitely going to help here’s, another one right there, they’re all 50s, though common stuff got four 1950s wheat pennies, nothing too crazy.

Yet, though i really could use something like kevin got out of that last roll all right cracking into my last roll here, let’s, hope for another indian. Maybe a flying eagle! Yeah come on tony. I have seen tons of wheats out of yours.

Already so that’s, that’s great all right! Let’s get into it got another wheat for me right there. It’s just another common 50s, though, and i think this is going to be my last week – guys let’s flip it over 1942 is the date on that one, all common that is not gonna catch up to your indian Head, unfortunately, 52 san francisco have not seen let’s, pull it back a little tiny bit there.

Here i’m zooming for oh wrong way. There we go yeah 52 san francisco have not seen too many estimate marks come out of this box, so that’s, a it’s cool point to see let’s, see what else we’ve got That kind of looked like a uh steel center, yeah, really nice, weird toning, 51 and another 51s.

All right, i’ll. Take that i guess my gosh uh 55. Let’s, see if we got the double so my last roll had six wheat pennies in it all common. That’s, 30 more points, and there’s, no way that that’s going to be enough to catch up to kevin.

Unfortunately, i don’t know. If that was all there was. If kevin didn’t find anything i would have won. My final score was 1032 and you’re at 1029 without, oh actually, you know what that is. Not my final score, i forgot to add that in 1917.

, so my final score is 1042, but kevin’s. Gon na be definitely pulling ahead on this one. I think i’m done here all right, so let’s. See what uh let’s, tally them up here. Let’s, see what you were able to get in the end, really miraculous to see that uh indian head penny come out in, i guess the second to last roll there.

It is next to the larger this uh depiction of the indian head penny, so it looks like i got 15 common days. Are you serious out of the last two rolls last two rows got 15 common date weights. I got that 139 10 point coin and of course you got the ihp on the board unbelievable.

So i i think we’re gonna have to go over some of the highlights in uh this box, i ‘ Ll, obviously get your uh final score here. Let’s, see we got 15 there times five, so that’s. Uh 75, oh yeah, 75, plus 10, more 85 and then a 50 is 135, so 1029 plus 135 is going to be your final score.

We’ll. Go ahead and do that math off camera and get back to you in just a sec all right guys. So here is the final scores on the box. Kevin came out with 11 64 on his side and i came out with 10 42 on my side for a total box score of 2 206 points, and to put that in perspective we say, 100 points on a regular box is a very good box.

This is 22 times a very, very good box, so that is unbelievable. Let’s. Take a look at some of the finds on my side. These are all the common wheat pennies over here all 40s and 50s. We have a whole bunch of interesting finds over here.

This wood grain 1929 was one of my favorites also that foreign coin that came out – and i’m sure i’ll – have the information on it. By the time we make the video the 38 canadian king george, the six was very cool to see as well as that 1956 really, nice condition wheat penny right there.

We were also able to get a bunch out from the 30s and a couple from the 20s and teens as well. We got a nice little stack of those going on and now i’m, going to switch it off to kevin. He’s, going to show some of his good finds.

So take a look at this. He ‘ S definitely got some good ones, all right. So moving over to my phone, so here’s, my common date, wheat, pennies. These are also all from the 40s and 50s uh. These are stacks of five, so you can, you can do the math there.

I don’t want to end it up on camera and then coming over. Here we got my 1930s, so it looks like we have 10 uh 13. I want to say, and then over to my 1920s. These are all accommodates, nothing too great in there, but really cool to find that many uh 20s in a single box.

I think we have um looks like 11. and then here are my common date: 19 teams that really nice 1918 and then that really corroded, but still at least in the uh 1919 san francisco. And then we’ll jump over here to my better uh finds.

So these are the three uh semi key dates that we found. This is the 1921 s kind of tough to see the mint mark in there, but it’s there, and then we have the 1920s, which turns out to be a better day and then, of course, we have the 1909 vdb on the reverse, really Cool to pull that coin out, i just set this one aside, because it’s, a extremely worn down 1956 uh wheat penny.

You barely ever see a 56. In that condition, i thought it was cool a couple foreigns for my half of the box. We got that 1925 thing from great britain and we got that five uh cent coin. I’m, not sure if that’s, the denomination from italy, that’s, uh 1941, it’s, a really cool coin.

There a couple of interesting, finds uh the 85 ass proof and the steel set first steel scent that we’ve ever found out of a penny box, and these are probably the two best finds um. I would say out of the box right.

If you want to disagree, you can jump in but yeah. You know what i’d, definitely put the 09 vdb in there. Oh, you would yeah, i would agree. So it’s. Probably just fine, probably the three best spawns out of the box here we have this almost uncirculated 1934 wheat cent, and this thing is fantastic.

We just look at the luster, and this is it’s insane, and then we have, of course the 09vdb and we have what jumped out at the end there, the 1904 indian headset really fun coin, to find in a roll it’S always surprising, always a fun find yeah and, as you can see, all three of the best finds of today’s.

Hunt are probably over here on kevin’s side. We were definitely close in the score, but as far as good finds, i think kevin definitely pulled it away. He’s, got some really really cool stuff over here, so guys that’s.

The end of box number one that was sent to us from david once again. Thank you so much to david and his girlfriend for thinking about us and sending us that box. This is so cool. We have one more to do.

We’re, going to be doing a follow-up, video and doing that box as well. I’m sure it’s, going to be just as good, if not even better. This was definitely one of the most exciting and interesting coin boxes.

I’ve ever gone through super fun hunt uh. I cannot wait to get in the second box and david. I cannot thank you enough for sending these coins our way uh. We really appreciate it, and this has been a ton of fun, can’t wait to get in the second box with that being said, kevin.

Thank you for having a friendly competition, absolutely uh! Congratulations on winning this one. You definitely pulled it away in the end there. I had a lot of fun with this one guys make sure to leave a like down below if you enjoyed this video subscribe.

If you’re new, because i post new videos like this, every single week always bring you along with the hunts and have a good time, and as always, i’m quinn, and this is quince coin signing out and i will see You in the next one see you guys

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