Wall Street Memes Price Prediction – Next GameStop Stock Bull Run For A Meme Coin?

wall street memes price p

Inspired by how the little guy challenged Wall St in the GameStop short squeeze, Wall Street Memes (WSM) is one of the newest meme tokens, currently on presale.

The bull run for the GME and AMC stock price in 2021 inspired several new crypto projects and a whole internet meme subculture. Crypto has its own version of meme stocks – meme coins – with traders always hunting the next Dogecoin to explode when noticed by Elon Musk, the next Shiba Inu, or most recently the next Pepe to outperform the entire market by tens of thousands of percent.

Does $WSM have what it takes to be the next big crypto? This Wall Street Memes token price prediction reviews the project’s roadmap and future upside potential.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction – Key Points

  • End of 2023: The Wall Street Memes token presale began at wallstmemes.com on May 26, 2023, selling out its first presale round by raising $500,000 within 48 hours. With a hard cap target of $30,577,000, it may sell out and have its first DEX and CEX listings by Q4 2023.
  • 2024 – 2025: While the $WSM listing price hasn’t been confirmed, with the incremental price stages during the presale and its 2 billion supply – 50% of which is allocated to the presale – the Wall Street Memes market cap at launch will be just under $35 million. New meme coins that build a community often test the $100 million market cap level shortly after their ICO.
  • Up to 2030: Meme coins already often outperform BTC and ETH – if the next crypto bull run takes place after 2024’s Bitcoin halving the rise of meme assets could continue. New entrants to crypto as the blockchain sees mass adoption could gravitate towards coins like Wall Street Memes, backed by a community whose content Elon Musk has at one point interacted with. Pepe hit an almost $2bn market cap in 2023 even as a relatively unknown asset.

Wall Street Memes Price Stages

The WSM coin price started at $0.025 during its first presale round, which sold out within days and is now priced slightly higher, still affording a discount to early buyers – to incentivize those taking on the most risk. The Wall Street Memes price stages at presale are:

Stage          WSM Token Price            Tokens In Stage              Cumulative Amount Raised     
1 $0.0250   20,000,000     $500,000
2 $0.0253   20,000,000     $1,006,000
3 $0.0256   20,000,000     $1,518,000
4 $0.0259   20,000,000     $2,036,000
5 $0.0262   20,000,000     $2,560,000
6 $0.0265   20,000,000     $3,090,000
7 $0.0268   20,000,000     $3,626,000
8 $0.0271   20,000,000     $4,168,000
9 $0.0274   20,000,000     $4,716,000
10 $0.0277   20,000,000     $5,270,000
11 $0.0280   20,000,000     $5,830,000
12 $0.0283   20,000,000     $6,396,000
13 $0.0286   20,000,000     $6,968,000
14 $0.0289   20,000,000     $7,546,000
15 $0.0292   20,000,000     $8,130,000
16 $0.0295   30,000,000     $9,015,000
17 $0.0298   30,000,000     $9,909,000
18 $0.0301   30,000,000     $10,812,000
19 $0.0304   30,000,000     $11,724,000
20 $0.0307   30,000,000     $12,645,000
21 $0.0310   40,000,000     $13,885,000
22 $0.0313   40,000,000     $15,137,000
23 $0.0316   40,000,000     $16,401,000
24 $0.0319   40,000,000     $17,677,000
25 $0.0322   40,000,000     $18,965,000
26 $0.0325   60,000,000     $20,915,000
27 $0.0328   60,000,000     $22,883,000
28 $0.0331   60,000,000     $24,869,000
29 $0.0334   70,000,000     $27,207,000
30 $0.0337   100,000,000     $30,577,000

The thirty total Wall Street Memes presale stages equate to a 34.8% increase in the WSM token price prior to its listing on exchanges. The WSM listing price may be its final stage price, $0.0337 or slightly higher – likely to be confirmed after the presale concludes.

For the latest announcements, the Wall Street Memes crypto project posted a Linktree of all its official social media channels – beware of impersonators when investing in crypto presales, admins of projects will also not DM you first as a general policy.

Presale Start Date May 26th 2023
Accepted Payment Methods ETH, USDT, BNB, Credit/Debit Card
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment 100 WSM
Maximum Investment N/A

What is the Wall Street Memes Crypto Project?

Prior to launching its new crypto token, the Wall Street Memes community itself was based around an Instagram and Twitter community and a legacy NFT project. Its main accounts are:

It also has a separate Twitter and IG for NFT focused posts, and a recently launched Discord and Telegram, the preferred platforms for new crypto projects. Prior to creating those to organize its presale, Wall Street Memes already benefitted from an existing backing of one million followers.

In 2021 the platform developed its first NFT project, the Wall St Bulls on OpenSea, selling out that mint in 32 minutes

It continues to launch new NFT projects, including Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs in May 2023 and with meme coins being the most exciting assets of the year, announced its WSM coin presale shortly after.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2023

Our resident crypto analyst reviewed the Wall Street Memes presale on its launch day, shortly after it had raised its first $100,000 which took a matter of minutes.

He compares to some recent meme coin presales including Love Hate Inu (LHINU) which pumped on exchanges by several fold before a correction. 

Like Wall Street Memes, LHINU had price stages, but a larger range – from $0.000085 at stage one to a listing price of $0.000145, a 70.5% difference – and went on trade as high as $0.000365 on OKX, an over 400% increase.

That ROI is modest compared to some more recent meme coin ICOs like RefundCoin (RFD), which rose by thousands of percent thanks to being backed by an NFT and crypto whale blurr.eth.

We reviewed RFD two days after its launch, which then went on to double again from the over 10,000% gains in the chart below.

refundcoin token

WSM Token Price Forecast for Future Years

Much of the early Wall Street Memes price action may take place in 2024 if the presale sells out shortly before the end of 2023.

While volatile and high risk, often having a post-ICO dump, many crypto experts have stated meme coins rank among the easiest ways to make money with cryptocurrency as they are an inefficient market. They can do what other crypto assets cannot – make exponential gains in a matter of days, as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Pepe (PEPE) most famously showed – alongside Floki Inu, Wojak, Turbo and many more.

Earlier this year for example Altcoin Sherpa tweeted a thread to his 195k followers:

They’re kind of the original NFT in a lot of ways. Meme coins are built around a simple idea that’s easy for people to understand (ie. a Dog). You don’t need a big brain to understand it and you don’t need to go through complicated steps to work with it (ie. DeFi). We all want to get rich and to get rich fast. What better way than to do it with meme coins?

While he cautioned that some meme tokens are scams, rugpulls, or just have low utility, he stated they can have ‘500x’ upside potential or more. 

They can then retrace by 90% or deeper – making investing early the best bet, at the pre-ICO, IDO or IEO stage, during pre-sale rounds if they are open to the public.

pepe price chart

The Pepe price for example corrected 80% after an explosive bull run far beyond what GameStop stocks achieved, making many holders millionaires. Even the Ethereum price at one point retraced 95% (from $1,440 to $80) before setting new all-time highs.

The most upside potential tends to be realized by following the trading mantra of buy low, sell high, and sticking to well-established projects with a trusted team.

Wall Street Memes draws on their experience of launching successful NFT projects – that did not scam investors and are still around today. Wall St Bulls NFTs have 3,532 owners according to OpenSea.

In 2022 @MacnBTC tweeted to his 414k followers:

Someone with a $10,000 portfolio should not focus on buying $ETH and $BTC but rather possibly aim to get whitelisted in NFT projects and gamble on dogecoins that either go x50 or -100%.

His sentiment is similar – that DOGE themed cryptos, or meme tokens in general can have 50x potential and can also fail completely. That averages out to a high profit potential, as long you adopt a risk management strategy – e.g. keeping a diversified portfolio and not over-investing in one crypto project.

See our list of crypto presales for some other options to invest in early. We rank the Wall Street Memes presale our top pick currently for being on its earliest stages and history in the NFT and meme space.

The Wall Street Memes tokenomics are highlighted in the video above, with 100% available to the community – including 50% sold during the WSM presale, 30% for future community rewards and 20% for CEX and DEX liquidity. 

There not being any team tokens set aside can guard against an issue a similar project faced – Wall Street Baby (WSB). After claiming to be the official token of the Wall Street Bets Reddit, insiders on the $WSB project team dumped a large portion of the WSB token supply on the market, causing a 90% crash in the Wall Street Baby price.


With a wide reach on social media that saw the wallstmemes.com presale sell out its first stage within days with little media coverage in the crypto space, WSM could have high upside potential.

A conservative Wall Street Memes price prediction might be for WSM to test the $100 million market cap level, which recent new meme coin launches we reviewed such as Sponge and Tamadoge reached. In the most bullish case, Pepe still has a ~$600 million market cap even after its deep correction, and two meme coins rank in the top fifteen cryptocurrency assets – SHIB valued at $5 billion and DOGE in the top ten with a $10 billion market cap.

Having an established community leads to more holders rather than short term traders looking to take profit early and move onto the next asset. NFT investors also usually hold their digital assets for a longer period, and many of the Wall St Bulls NFT community may have formed the early investors into $WSM.

The project is also building up publicity with a $50,000 airdrop hosted on outreach platform Gleam.io, to be shared between five winners.

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