This is How Far KuCoin Futures Trading Has Come in Just 2 Years


KuCoin is celebrating 2 years of offering futures trading contracts for crypto.

The exchange like many in the industry is still relatively in its infancy. The massive popularity in crypto trading has led to a major influx of retail traders.

‘The eading digital exchanges like KuCoin are moving fast to cater to this movement.

KuCoin may have only been launched officially in 2017, the team behind it has been involved since 2011.

That’s is considered prehistoric times for this industry.

2017 was a time that became renowned for ICOs, and KuCoin experienced an extremely successful one.

The exchange managed to raise almost $20 million USD in BTC, which came from selling 100 million KuCoin Shares (KCS)

An Original Exchange

Known as ‘The People’s Exchange’, KuCoin offers quite a unique business model, whereby users can benefit directly from trade results.

This happens by being rewarded with dividends, much in the same way as public companies pay dividends to their shareholders.

Interestingly, they don’t pay rewards in the native token, but they do it in popularly traded assets within 24 hour period.

On top of this KuCoin runs an amazing referral program offering 40% of their trading fee earnings to referrers.

The exchange is popular for its lowest trading fees and this mark has taken the excage to next level.

We also see their Futures trading product has reached over 3 million users in just 2 years.

Following the listing of the Bitcoin perpetual contract, the KuCoin Futures platform now supports a huge variety of the most popular crypto assets for trading as futures.

KuCoin will soon be supporting hedging and arbitrage, as an addition to their new KuCoin Futures 2.0 platform

To celebrate this birthday, KuCoin is running an incredible giveaway for clients, whereby clients can win part of $1 million USDT in bonuses. 

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