opensea integrates bnb chain but will bnb holders benefit

OpenSea integrates BNB Chain, but will BNB holders benefit?

BNB Chain saw an increase in NFT trading volume, and unique active wallets (UAW) OpenSea also recorded an increase in trading volume and transactions after the partnership.  OpenSea, the world’s…

Is Pixelmon A SCAM Or Making A Comeback?

Is Pixelmon A SCAM Or Making A Comeback?

taylor swift and ftx nearly signed a 100 million sponsorship deal

Taylor Swift and FTX nearly signed a $100 million sponsorship deal

Sam Bankman Fried’s FTX was close to finalizing a sponsorship deal with Taylor Swift worth over $100 million until negotiations with the pop sensation stalled a few months before the…

reddit avatar minting starts december with a new all time high assessing

Reddit avatar minting starts December with a new all-time high. Assessing…

Avatar minting on Reddit hit an all time high So far, avatars sold 93,830 times for a total sales volume of $11.67 million Avatar minting on Reddit hit an all-time…

reddit nft minting hits new all time high record

Reddit NFT minting hits new all-time high record

Reddit collectible avatars have set a new minting record as the NFT hits all-time high of 255,000 avatars. Reddit collectible avatars set new record On December 3, Reddit’s collectible avatar…

solana based nft marketplace magic eden launches tool to enforce creator royalties

Solana-Based NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Launches Tool to Enforce Creator Royalties

The non-fungible token (NFT) space may have been spared the brunt of the catastrophic fall of FTX, but the battle for market share continues. Amidst the chaos, Magic Eden –…

opensea nft creators earned over 1 billion in royalties

OpenSea NFT creators earned over $1 billion in royalties

According to OpenSea, creators who sold NFTs on the platform earned a total of $1.1 billion this year, with 80 percent of that sum going to collections outside the top…

dying no what these bored apes sales say about the nft markets health

Dying? No? What These Bored Apes Sales Say About The NFT Market’s Health

Sales of the popular Bored Apes NFTs – these nonfungible species nearly considered extinct by some people in the market – are reviving weak spirits and giving hope to those…



Bonds Vs Savings Accounts #shorts

Bonds Vs Savings Accounts #shorts