why delisting of cardano on etoro could benefit its price

Why Delisting Of Cardano On eToro Could Benefit Its Price

Is ADA looking like the next XRP? Rumors of regulatory concerns are flying around as eToro delists the token. Hoskinson argues back calling on the widespread misinformation, he is not…

south korea financial services commission says nfts are

South Korea Financial Services Commission Says NFTs Are Taxable

According to the FSC’s vice chairman’s speech in the National Assembly on Nov. 22, 2021, South Korea will tax select NFTs. The FSC’s VC said that the tax plan would…

el salvador to issue 1 billion bitcoin btc bonds to develop the first bitcoin city

El Salvador to Issue $1 Billion Bitcoin (BTC) Bonds to Develop the First ‘Bitcoin City’

The government of El Salvador has partnered with iFinex and Blockstream in an attempt to further its bitcoin (BTC) ambitions. El Salvador to Issue $1 Billion Bitcoin Bond According to…

peru keeps up with crypto the central bank will launch a cbdc

Peru Keeps Up With Crypto: The Central Bank Will Launch a CBDC

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru’s (BCRP) President, Julio Velarde, announced they are working on developing a CBDC in collaboration with other central banks around the globe. As the country…

why bitcoin is an asset class born for this generation

Why Bitcoin ‘is an asset class born for this generation’

H2: Here’s where Grayscale chief is putting crypto in his portfolio allocation  Speaking at a recent event, Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein discussed how the regulatory landscape around crypto has evolved….

a crypto friendly future for australia senators propose new regulations

A Crypto Friendly Future For Australia, Senators Propose New Regulations

The Australian senate committee made 12 proposals to modify the current license and regulations over crypto assets, as well as the laws of taxation. The lawmakers believe Australia could take…

how a bitcoin spot etf would differ from a futures etf

How a Bitcoin Spot ETF Would Differ from a Futures ETF

How a Bitcoin Spot ETF Would Differ from a Futures ETF – Crypto Briefing Though Bitcoin futures ETFs are winning regulatory approval, the future for Bitcoin spot ETFs is far…

korean lawmakers aiming to pushback crypto tax regulation implementation

Korean Lawmakers Aiming to Pushback Crypto Tax Regulation Implementation

South Korean lawmakers from the opposition People Power Party (PPP) are formulating a bill aimed at postponing the January 1, 2022 implementation of the 20-25 percent crypto tax law in…

us lawmakers want to know powells plans to support crypto

US Lawmakers Want to Know Powell’s Plans to Support Crypto

As many as 7 lawmakers from the United States Congress have sent an open letter to the Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, demanding to know how the American apex bank…

india nasscom report predicts multifold rise in crypto adoption by 2030

India: NASSCOM Report Predicts Multifold Rise in Crypto Adoption by 2030

The crypto industry in India is estimated to flourish massively in the coming years. NASSCOM Report on Crypto Adoption in India According to a recent report by the Indian non-profit…