is china e cny cbdc effectively competing with wechat pay and alipay

Is China e-CNY CBDC effectively competing with WeChat Pay and AliPay

China has become the frontrunner when it comes to the global CBDC race. China’s e-CNY is expected to witness a full-fledged launch by February 2022. However, so far, it has…

sbi boss says that china is leading the cbdc race ahead of the usa and europe

SBI Boss Says that China Is Leading the CBDC Race – Ahead of the USA and Europe

SBI’s chief executive Yoshitaka Kitao. Source: ripple.comThe CEO of the Japanese financial heavyweight and crypto player SBI Holdings Yoshitaka Kitao has spoken out about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) – and…

tanzania central bank reportedly prepares to launch cbdc

Tanzania Central Bank Reportedly Prepares To Launch CBDC

Tanzania has reportedly started exploring a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The country is following the footsteps of Nigeria, which launched its own digital currency last month. Other African countries…

tanzania set to launch its digital currency

Tanzania Set to Launch Its Digital Currency

According to a statement issued by the Governor of the Bank of Tanzania, Florens Luoga, the African nation is reportedly making plans to issue its own central bank-issued digital currency…

70 japanese companies form consortium to launch yen based digital currency

70 Japanese Companies Form Consortium to Launch Yen-based Digital Currency

In a bid to launch a new yen-based digital currency in 2022, about 70 Japanese companies have come together to form a consortium. The association which has some of the…

bitcoin as legal tender a look at the pros cons and future trends

Bitcoin as Legal Tender: a Look at the Pros, Cons, and Future Trends

Source: AdobeStock/takashi tamiyaGreg Waisman, co-founder and COO of the global payment network Mercuryo. __________ Since the inception of Bitcoin (BTC) back in 2009, there has always been buzz around the…

peru keeps up with crypto the central bank will launch a cbdc

Peru Keeps Up With Crypto: The Central Bank Will Launch a CBDC

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru’s (BCRP) President, Julio Velarde, announced they are working on developing a CBDC in collaboration with other central banks around the globe. As the country…

central bank of france tests blockchain backed cbdc targeting debt market

Central Bank of France Tests Blockchain-Backed CBDC Targeting Debt Market

As the adoption of digital assets is becoming more mainstream, some countries are awakening to join the flow. This has borne the desire to get a central bank digital currency,…

a crypto friendly future for australia senators propose new regulations

A Crypto Friendly Future For Australia, Senators Propose New Regulations

The Australian senate committee made 12 proposals to modify the current license and regulations over crypto assets, as well as the laws of taxation. The lawmakers believe Australia could take…

france tested its cbdc with a 10 month experiment report

France Tested Its CBDC with a 10-Month Experiment: Report

One of the leading European economies – France – has reportedly fulfilled its 10-month experiment aiming to test how a central bank digital currency would interact with its debt market….