lebanon devalues its currency by 90 snowden believes bitcoin fixes this

Lebanon Devalues its Currency by 90%, Snowden Believes Bitcoin Fixes This

Lebanon is adopting a new official exchange rate, devaluing its local currency by nearly 90%. The new rate is set at 15,000 Lebanese pounds against the U.S. dollar, according to…

bitcoin stable at 23k as q4 2022 us gdp beats

Bitcoin Stable at $23K as Q4 2022 US GDP Beats Expectations

The world’s largest economy just announced the GDP figures for the latest quarter of 2022, showing moderate but declining growth compared to Q3. Unlike most previous statements coming from the…

bitcoin is up nearly 30 since peter schiff jim cramer said get out of crypto

Bitcoin Is Up Nearly 30% Since Peter Schiff, Jim Cramer Said Get Out of Crypto

One of the biggest critics of the cryptocurrency industry – Peter Schiff – expected bitcoin’s spike at the start of the year to cease shortly after it began and advised…

bitcoins yearly start may signal an incoming bull market glassnode

Bitcoin’s Yearly Start May Signal an Incoming Bull Market: Glassnode

Glassnode released its first on-chain video report of 2023 on Tuesday, reviewing what could be data-based indicators of an emerging crypto bull market.  The firm noted that both Bitcoin and…

the race for bitcoin is a matter of national security opinion

The Race for Bitcoin Is A Matter of National Security (Opinion)

Financial markets for everything, including crypto, remain on pause as we mark off the first week of 2023. At this time of global economic uncertainty, people are holding their cash…

microstrategy adds 2500 btc total stack now 132251 bitcoin

MicroStrategy Adds 2500 BTC: Total Stack Now 132,251 Bitcoin

The American business intelligence corporation – MicroStrategy – bought 3,205 BTC between November 1 and December 24. The company sold 704 BTC on December 22, meaning its total holdings currently…

is the crypto bear market coming to an end 3 key indicators to look

Is the Crypto Bear Market Coming to an End? 3 Key Indicators to Look

Valuations in the cryptocurrency market have dropped significantly from their all-time highs, with the total market capitalization losing around $2.2 trillion – a decline of around 73%. Many altcoins, including…

60 of americans believe crypto investing is highly risky survey

60% of Americans Believe Crypto Investing is Highly Risky (Survey)

CNBC’s “Your Money Survey” estimated that 60% of the American participants consider the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies to be high. Just 5% of the respondents believe it is entirely…

huobi calls bitcoin and ether bottoms predicts recovery after q1 2023

Huobi Calls Bitcoin and Ether Bottoms, Predicts Recovery After Q1 2023

Huobi Research, an affiliate of Huobi Global, estimated in its Global Crypto Annual 2022-2023 Report that the prices of bitcoin and ether will start surging after the first quarter of…

massive spike in bitcoin accumulation from retail investors after ftx collapse

Massive Spike in Bitcoin Accumulation From Retail Investors After FTX Collapse

The cryptocurrency industry saw one of the most spectacular crashes of one of its giants earlier this month, which cast doubt over the entire market and investors’ perspectives on it….