bitcoin miners may have seen the darkest in q4 as btc rises past 17000

Bitcoin Miners May Have Seen The Darkest In Q4 As BTC Rises Past $17,000

Bitcoin miners seem to be giving up on the prospect of holding the maiden crypto for long-term profit as they continue to sell large sums of the digital coin. According…

sales of bitcoin mining rigs in russia surge in q4 report

Sales of Bitcoin Mining Rigs in Russia Surge in Q4: Report

A new report by Kommersant revealed that sales of Bitcoin mining machines in the country surged rapidly in the fourth quarter, a trend backed by a resurgence of demand, despite…

new york governor passes moratorium on proof of work mining

New York governor passes moratorium on Proof-of-Work mining

The state of New York now has stricter laws on crypto mining thanks to Kathy Hochul, the governor of the state. The measure places a two-year freeze on the issuance…



argo blockchain facing negative cash flow stocks plummet 50

Argo Blockchain Facing Negative Cash Flow, Stocks Plummet 50%

Cryptocurrency mining giant Argo Blockchain could cut down or halt operations if the company fails to complete any more financing. With the ongoing crypto winter, more bitcoin miners continue to…

Here’s Why I’m NOT Bullish on Ethereum Classic ETC!

Here’s Why I’m NOT Bullish on Ethereum Classic ETC!

nuclear and gas fastest growing energy sources for bitcoin mining data

Nuclear and gas fastest growing energy sources for Bitcoin mining: Data

The electricity mix of Bitcoin (BTC) has drastically changed over the past few years, with nuclear energy and natural gas becoming the fastest growing energy sources powering Bitcoin mining, according…

maple finance and icebreaker launch lending pool for bitcoin miners

Maple Finance and Icebreaker Launch Lending Pool for Bitcoin Miners

Major DeFi lender Maple Finance has launched a capacity pool worth $300 million for Bitcoin mining companies. The development comes despite the sharp decline in BTC’s price and the reduced…

bitcoin mining consumes less energy than gaming reveals report

Bitcoin Mining Consumes Less Energy Than Gaming, Reveals Report

Data shows the Bitcoin mining industry consumes slightly less energy in total compared to the video gaming sector. Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption Stands At 100 TWh Per Year Right Now…

bitcoin mining revenue surged 10 in august

Bitcoin Mining Revenue Surged 10% In August

The first monthly gain since March, bitcoin mining revenue increased 10% in August. Bitcoin Mining Revenue Soars Approximately $657 million was earned by miners last month, according to statistics gathered…