ripple how asia is fueling xrp distribution amid american pushback

Ripple: How Asia is fueling XRP distribution amid American pushback

Ripple’s partnerships in Asia seem to be paying off Since XRP’s last rally, more addresses have joined the bandwagon According to data acquired from XRPScan, the number of active XRP…

China Reopening Could Pump Bitcoin, Here’s Why!

China Reopening Could Pump Bitcoin, Here’s Why!

breaking this government announces system to track all bitcoin ethereum and crypto transactions worldwide

BREAKING: This government announces system to track all Bitcoin, Ethereum and crypto transactions worldwide

A new crypto tracking system will be introduced to the South Korean crypto industry to curb illegal crypto transactions and money laundering. 75 percent of Illegal foreign exchange transactions are…

avalanche to power alibaba clouds infrastructure services in asia

Avalanche to power Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure services in Asia

Alibaba Cloud, a.k.a Aliyun, a subset of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, announced an integration with Avalanche blockchain to power the company’s Node-as-a-Service initiatives.  Avalanche’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud will see…

fundraising leaders north americans are most likely to write rules of metaverse coinshares

Fundraising Leaders North Americans are ‘Most Likely to Write Rules of Metaverse’ – CoinShares

Source: Adobe/patpitchaya Although the concept of the metaverse is still nascent, it is the Americans who are the most likely to write the rules in the space – as they’re…

the regulatory implications of indias crypto transactions

The regulatory implications of India’s crypto transactions tax

The Indian crypto landscape lost some momentum this year as the government introduced two laws demanding crippling taxes on crypto-related unrealized gains and transactions. India’s first crypto law, which requires…

one in seven wealthy people now owns digital assets survey

One in Seven Wealthy People Now Owns ‘Digital Assets’ – Survey

Source: Adobe/standret A new report has found that global high-rollers are spending more money than ever on crypto, which has become “an essential part” of rich individuals’ investment portfolios. The…