vaneck receives sec approval will launch its bitcoin futures etf next week

VanEck Receives SEC Approval: Will Launch Its Bitcoin Futures ETF Next Week

Global investment manager VanEck is set to launch a bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) next week, shortly after ProShares got the SEC’s green light to launch the first BTC ETF….

france tested its cbdc with a 10 month experiment report

France Tested Its CBDC with a 10-Month Experiment: Report

One of the leading European economies – France – has reportedly fulfilled its 10-month experiment aiming to test how a central bank digital currency would interact with its debt market….

el salvadorans are converting their usd to btc as interest in bitcoin soars

El Salvadorans Are Converting Their USD to BTC as Interest in Bitcoin Soars

A month after the Bitcoin law went into effect in the central American nation of El Salvador, interest in the cryptocurrency has continued to soar as a greater percentage of…

bakkt goes public to be listed on new york stock

Bakkt Goes Public: to Be Listed on New York Stock Exchange

Several months after initially outlining plans to become a publicly-traded firm, Bakkt has announced that the event will take place on Monday – October 18th. Thus, Bakkt will join the…

ripple becomes part of the digital pound foundation

Ripple Becomes Part of The Digital Pound Foundation

The blockchain-based digital payment company – Ripple – joined the Digital Pound Foundation to assist with the creation of a central bank digital currency. Incorporating with The Digital Pound Foundation…

celsius network raises 400 million in an funding round led by westcap

Celsius Network Raises $400 Million in an Funding Round Led by WestCap

Celsius Network– a leading cryptocurrency lending platform – recently received a $400M investment from equity firm WestCap and investment group Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ). With this,…

opposing political party suggests one year delay on south koreas crypto tax law report

Opposing Political Party Suggests One Year Delay on South Korea’s Crypto Tax Law: Report

The People Power Party – the opposition party in South Korea – has reportedly proposed a one-year delay on the upcoming taxation rules on trading with digital assets. The lawmakers…

from fashion to charity bitcoin adoption blossoms

From Fashion to Charity, Bitcoin Adoption Blossoms

The latest cryptocurrency adoption cases are coming from the fashion brand – PacSun, as well as the charity organization – Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation. PacSun Also Caught The Crypto Wave…

more than 20 chinese crypto companies to leave the country following the local ban

More Than 20 Chinese Crypto Companies to Leave The Country Following The Local Ban

Over 20 Chinese digital asset-related businesses revealed they will halt their operations and withdraw from the local market as the country continues its hostile stance on anything crypto. The Effect…

us sec approves an etf tracking the performance of bitcoin investing companies

US SEC Approves an ETF Tracking the Performance of Bitcoin-Investing Companies

Just four months after the application, Volt Equity’s Volt Bitcoin Revolution ETF has received the green light from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. It will provide investors the option…