crypto exchange bitget expands to africa plans to hire 400 new workers

Crypto Exchange Bitget Expands to Africa. Plans To Hire 400 New Workers

The cryptocurrency winter has been colder for some than others. While some cryptocurrency exchanges are forced to conduct massive employee layoffs to weather the bear market, others like Bitget continue…

coinlist breaks silence assures users it is not near bankruptcy

CoinList Breaks Silence, Assures Users it Is Not Near Bankruptcy

Crypto exchange CoinList said it is not near bankruptcy as it addressed the ongoing FUD. It added that it is not insolvent or illiquid and is just experiencing technical issues…

10000 btc tied to mt gox hack moved after 7 years

10,000 BTC tied to Mt Gox Hack Moved After 7 Years

A crypto wallet attributed to the failed BTC-e linked to the 2014 Mt. Gox hack moved 10,000 Bitcoin, now worth over $165 million, to a group of personal wallets, exchanges,…

sbf in letter to ftx employees i froze up in the face of pressure

SBF in Letter to FTX Employees: I Froze Up in the Face of Pressure

The disgraced founder of FTX apologized to his employees in a two-page letter dispatched to his former colleagues, shedding light on the demise of his crypto conglomerate. He also mentioned the…

ftx groups total cash balance tallies at 1 24b bankruptcy filing shows

FTX Group’s Total Cash Balance Tallies at $1.24B: Bankruptcy Filing Shows

Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX and its affiliates had a total cash balance of $1.24 billion as of November 20, as per its bankruptcy filing. Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire collapsed into…

argo blockchain facing negative cash flow stocks plummet 50

Argo Blockchain Facing Negative Cash Flow, Stocks Plummet 50%

Cryptocurrency mining giant Argo Blockchain could cut down or halt operations if the company fails to complete any more financing. With the ongoing crypto winter, more bitcoin miners continue to…

nearly 50 of gen z and millennials want crypto exposure in 401k plans survey

Nearly 50% of Gen Z and Millennials Want Crypto Exposure in 401(k) Plans: Survey

As the global financial ecosystem continues to witness major changes, young investors in the United States are increasingly leaning towards crypto assets as an alternative investment option to add to…

a month after the ceo another genesis executive steps down

A Month After the CEO, Another Genesis Executive Steps Down

Following the exit of Michael Moro as the CEO of Genesis Global Trading, the crypto brokerage firm’s co-head of sales and trading is also stepping down from his position. The…

bancor proposes burning of 1 million bnt as a trial to boost price

Bancor Proposes Burning of 1 Million BNT as a Trial to Boost Price

A native community of prominent DeFi protocol Bancor presented a proposal that seeks to trigger a burn of 1 million BNT once collected by the Bancor Vortex in the v3…

california regulators order nexo to stop crypto interest accounts

California Regulators Order Nexo to Stop Crypto Interest Accounts

Cryptocurrency lender Nexo has come under fire from California regulators and seven other US state securities watchdogs for its unregistered crypto interest account program, which the authorities classified as securities….