Singaporean Authorities To Hold Court Cases And Marriages In Metaverse

The digital space is creating more impressive output recently in different areas of life, with the introduction of metaverse, more people believe in the possibility of getting the digital form of real-life. The metaverse is gradually making its waves with diverse applications in the virtual space.

It’s becoming quite intriguing how you can get the virtual form of several physical items and objects. There is even a possibility of getting your digital lands, houses, clothes, and other assets. Also, you can conveniently host events on virtual platforms.

With the increasing progress through metaverse, a Singaporean government ministry proposes handling disputes in the virtual space. The Second Ministry of Law in Singapore, Edwin Tong, mentioned that issues like court cases and marriage proceedings could take place on metaverse. Also, he included that even government services can occur in the virtual land.

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The minister laid his ideas on July 20 during a speech at the TechLaw Fest 2022. He maintained that the metaverse could host marriage solemnizations and other personalized events. Also, the law minister mentioned that besides marriage proceedings, other processes take place through the metaverse. This includes online access to different government services.

While reacting to legal services in the virtual space, minister Tong stated that such services are possible in the metaverse. In his explanation, the minister recalled that the pandemic had given rise to using online to resolve almost all issues. He stated that even some process that involves physical representation, such as dispute resolutions, is now possible online.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) Technology In Metaverse

Minister Tong further cited an instance with a legal dispute of an accident on a construction location. According to Tong, the case has a three-dimensional viewing through a single digital platform with augmented reality (AR) technology.

In Tong’s opinion, anyone could transport to be inside the actual tunnel or the containment facility. This gives a better view of the construction dispute using an augmented reality perspective representing the actual space.

Further in his statement, the minister mentioned that including the metaverse would still not impede traditional physical hearing. For him, having the online options creates a hybrid element. It offers more convenient approaches to dispute resolutions, which is also more efficient. Also, it is a technological innovation that provides the flow with the ever-changing universe.

Recall that Decenraland, a metaverse platform hosted its online wedding on metaverse at the beginning of the year. The marriage event had Rose Law Group making the legal formalities with up to 2,000 virtual guests in attendance.

In a parallel development, the government of South Korea is planning for a launch into the metaverse. It has laid out $177 million as a developmental fund for a virtual platform where citizens can easily access government services.

Singaporean Authorities To Hold Court Cases And Marriages In Metaverse
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