Prominent XRP Advocate, John Deaton’s Twitter Hacked- Here’s What Happend

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John Deaton, a well-known lawyer in the cryptocurrency space who has shown support for XRP, recently experienced a distressing situation. His organization, Crypto Law, shared on Twitter that his account had been targeted by a relentless cyberattack that lasted for several days. Deaton took to his daughter’s account to inform his followers about the incident and urged them to report it. 

The hackers attempted to take advantage of John Deaton’s esteemed reputation and influence in the cryptocurrency community by introducing a digital token named “LAW.” 

Cyberattack on John Deaton’s Twitter Account 

The official CryptoLaw account, managed by the attorney who represents more than 76,000 XRP token holders in the ongoing Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, responded to the hacker’s tweet posted through the attorney’s account. CryptoLaw stated that the tweets were not from Deaton, but rather from hackers and that immediate efforts are being made to rectify the situation.

The hack targeting John Deaton’s Twitter account occurred on his birthday and appears to have been a deliberate tactic by the hackers to lend credibility to their actions. They took advantage of the occasion to promote a fraudulent giveaway of the LAW token, claiming it had groundbreaking features related to crypto regulation and decentralized finance (DeFi). However, prominent members of the XRP community promptly cautioned others about the scam, advising caution and vigilance.

Heightened Concerns Over Misinformation and Hacking 

Spreading false information and misleading financial data in the cryptocurrency market is highly risky, especially considering that many traders depend on advice from influential individuals in the industry. These actions not only put the market’s stability at stake but also give regulators more reason to approach the industry with careful consideration and a sense of caution.

Deaton has requested the community to report the hacking incident on his Twitter account.

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