Polygon-based Attack Wagon NFT Land Sale Begins on April 14th, Offers a 68% Discount 


On April 14th, the first of the four highly-anticipated Attack Wagon land sales will go live. Fifty percent of the allocated land in this phase has been set aside for whitelisted addresses.

The First Phase of the Land Sale will start on April 14th

According to a Twitter post on April 7th, Attack Wagon—a blockchain game development studio– will avail 4,002 NFT lands in the first phase, allocating 50 percent of these precious assets to whitelisted addresses. The remainder will be available for the public after approved wallet addresses have acquired their land.

Beyond the land type and rarity, the team has offered a 68 percent discount for whitelisted addresses, encouraging participation by all users in the expansive Attack Wagon global community. Because of the discount, the Common Plots will be sold for 10k ATK. Meanwhile, Grand and Iconic Plots will be purchased at 68k and 1.12 million ATK, respectively. There will be 6,975 Common Plots, 1,000 Grand Land Plots, and 30 Iconic Land Plots up for grabs as well. 

Depending on the plot type, there will be different fee-splitting criteria. For example, Common Plots will split 40 percent of the overall fees collected from the Marketplace. On the other hand, Grand Plots holders have the voting rights for future Attack Wagon Games. 

The purchase price of each plot considers the Attack Wagon’s ATK IDO price. ATK is the ERC-20 compliant token of the growing Attack Wagon ecosystem. By offering a discount and adjusting prices relative to the IDO price, the team allows more users to purchase valuable land and possibly diversify their income streams from Attack Wagon’s games. However, the developer has indicated that if the ATK price rises above the IDO price, further adjustments will be made for fair valuation.

ATK is ERC-Complaint and Critical for the Attack Wagon Ecosystem

The ATK token is required to participate in the Attack Wagon ecosystem. The ERC-20 compliant token on Polygon will be EVM-compatible and thus, can be conveniently stored using MetaMask. Recent data indicates that MetaMask is a popular non-custodial wallet supporting a wide array of highly popular and vibrant ecosystems. 

As a wallet expressly designed to provide secure storage services for Ethereum and supportive EVM-compatible networks, MetaMask has emerged as a leading player driving the NFT and DeFi wave. Statistics show over 10 million MetaMask wallet holders by January 2022—some of whom are whitelisted and will quickly proceed to acquire land offered by Attack Wagon.

ATK is Listed on Gate.io and QuickSwap

Before purchasing any of the three categories of land, users must first acquire ATK. ATK is available for purchase at Gate.io—a leading centralized cryptocurrency exchange boasting over $3 billion in average daily trading volumes—and QuickSwap—a top DEX in the rapidly growing Polygon DeFi and NFT ecosystem. MetaMask users can connect to QuickSwap and purchase ATK without necessarily submitting identifying details, as would be the case in Gate.io, which requires user registration. Afterward, purchased MetaMask, if from Gate.io, can be safely transferred to MetaMask before plugin to the Attack Wagon ecosystem and buying land.

Ahead of the land sale, Attack Wagon has released the teaser of the Scrap Guilds game, the first of the many games set for release by the studio.

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