Playboy Coming to Metaverse This Year with MetaMansion

Access to the yet-to-launch virtual world will be open to all but only Rabbitar NFT holders will have access to the “cool places”.

Playboy is bringing its popular Playboy Mansion to the Metaverse. Speaking to Decrypt at NFT Paris last week, Playboy’s Web3 lead Liz Suman confirmed that the “Playboy MetaMansion” is set to launch this year. The virtual world will be accessible even to users who are not part of the magazine’s “Rabbitar” NFT-holding community.

“It’s been the plan all along for the Rabbitars to be the VIPs of the MetaMansion experience,” Suman said, adding, “That is still very much the case, while also opening it up in this way that’s integrating The Sandbox’s community, maybe onboarding other people who are interested in web3 […] and making a space that is a place for everyone,” wrote Decrypt on Twitter.

Playboy first announced its Metaverse plans last July, revealing that the virtual world would incorporate its talent and influencer network and provide live experiences. The Metaverse foray is an extension of Playboy’s involvement in Web3. The company launched its first NFT collection in 2021 which featured its expansive archive of photography and artwork.  It then went on to launch the Rabbitar avatars NFT collection which included 11,953 3D rabbit characters.

Access to the yet-to-launch virtual world will be open to all but according to Suman, only Rabbitar NFT holders will have access to the “cool places.” Without providing a specific date, Suman could only confirm that the company plans to launch the MetaMansion this year and added that traditional media ought to take a “deeper look” look what the Metaverse could offer.

“A lot of things are changing and evolving in real-time, and I think it’s too soon to have a verdict,” she said. “There’s a real opportunity for storytelling that is not traditional. To me, that’s what’s interesting.”

Also at NFT Paris was Adidas whose Web3 lead announced the sportswear company would “scope out” token-gated sneaker drops. Not new to Web3, the firm first bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT in December 2021 before going on to drop 30,000 NFTs as part of its debut “Into the Metaverse” collection. The drop brought in $23.4 million in a single afternoon.

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