Patience Required as Bitcoin Tests Support Levels and Volatility Remains Low

Bitcoin’s Current Market Conditions

September expected to be a sideways month for bitcoin

As we enter September, it is anticipated that bitcoin will experience a period of sideways movement. This means that the price is likely to remain relatively stable, with little upward or downward momentum.

Bitcoin closed below the yellow moving average, indicating a bearish trend

The recent price action of bitcoin has resulted in a bearish trend. The price closed below the yellow moving average, suggesting that there is downward pressure on the cryptocurrency.

Weekly chart shows rejection at the 20 simple moving average

The weekly chart indicates that there has been a rejection at the 20 simple moving average. This is a significant level for bitcoin, as it often acts as a key support or resistance level.

Bitcoin may face resistance at around $28,300

As bitcoin continues to test its support levels, it may encounter resistance around the $28,300 mark. This means that it could struggle to surpass this price point in the near future.

Bitcoin’s price action in 2019 suggests a period of sideways consolidation

When analyzing bitcoin’s price action in 2019, we can see that it experienced a period of sideways consolidation. This suggests that bitcoin may be entering a similar phase now, where the price remains range-bound between certain levels.

Potential range for September could be between $24,800 and $27,000

Based on historical patterns and technical analysis, experts estimate that the potential range for bitcoin in September could be between $24,800 and $27,000. This means that the price is likely to stay within this range during the month.

Sideways movement in September could indicate a base formation for bitcoin

If bitcoin does indeed experience a period of sideways movement in September, it could be a positive sign for the cryptocurrency. It could suggest that a base is forming, which is a necessary step before bitcoin can make a significant upward move.

Historical September performance of Bitcoin

Looking back at historical data, September has typically been a challenging month for bitcoin. It has often experienced negative returns, with only four out of 13 Septembers resulting in positive results.

Negative returns in down months

Furthermore, in down months, the negative returns have averaged around -12% to -13%. This means that if bitcoin follows the average downward trend in September, it could potentially drop to around $22,000 to $23,000.

Potential downside scenarios for Bitcoin

On the monthly timeframe, momentum is starting to wane, and there is a possibility that bitcoin could reach as low as $19,000. Additionally, sentiment on Twitter appears to be bearish, although it can change quickly. Short-term timeframes suggest a possible bounce before further downside movement.

Indicators and Analysis

HPDR Range Indicator Suggests Sideways Movement

The HPDR Range indicator predicts that Bitcoin’s price will likely move sideways in the near term. This means that the price is expected to remain within a certain range without significant upward or downward movement. The indicator also suggests a potential mean reversion to around $26,500.

Momentum Waning on the Monthly Timeframe

On the monthly timeframe, the momentum for Bitcoin appears to be decreasing. This indicates that the cryptocurrency may face challenges in maintaining its current price levels. If the trend continues, Bitcoin’s price could potentially decline as low as $19,000.

Sentiment on Twitter Appears Bearish

The sentiment on Twitter regarding the price of Bitcoin is currently bearish. However, it’s important to note that sentiment can change rapidly in the cryptocurrency market, so it’s essential to monitor market trends and news updates for a more accurate understanding of market sentiment.

Short-term Timeframes Indicating a Possible Bounce

Short-term timeframes for Bitcoin suggest a potential bounce in price before further downside movement. This means that Bitcoin could experience a temporary increase in price before potentially declining again.

Importance of Monitoring Bitcoin’s Movement in the Next Two Weeks

It is crucial to closely monitor Bitcoin’s movement in the next two weeks. If Bitcoin fails to show significant movement during this time, there may be a higher probability of new lows and a potential bullish reaccumulation. Keeping a close eye on Bitcoin’s price action can help investors make informed decisions.

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Bitcoin’s indicators and analysis suggest that patience is required as the cryptocurrency tests support levels and volatility remains low. It’s important to monitor Bitcoin’s movement closely in the coming weeks to gain a better understanding of its price direction. Additionally, customization of strategies with the Crown Quant automation script can help investors optimize their trading decisions.


Patience required as bitcoin tests support levels and volatility remains low

As we move into the month of September, it is expected that bitcoin will experience a period of sideways movement. This is indicated by bitcoin closing below the yellow moving average, signaling a bearish trend. Furthermore, the rejection at the 20 simple moving average on the weekly chart suggests that bitcoin may face resistance at around $28,300.

Historical data from 2019 also indicates that bitcoin may undergo a period of sideways consolidation similar to the current situation. Based on this data, it is suggested that the potential range for September could be between $24,800 and $27,000.

It is important to exercise patience during this time as volatility remains low and support levels are being tested. September has historically been a month with mostly negative returns for bitcoin, with the average return being low and sideways. Though sentiment on Twitter currently appears bearish, it is worth noting that sentiment can change quickly.

In conclusion, if bitcoin fails to make significant movement within the next two weeks, there may be a higher likelihood of new lows and a bullish reaccumulation. It is important to carefully consider these factors and exercise caution in making trading decisions.

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