‘Only Ethereum can be better than Ethereum’ | Interview with 1inch co-founder

Join Cointelegraph senior editor Alex Cohen and dive into the history, drama, and technological innovation behind the 1inch project in this exclusive Cointelegraph interview.

0:00 Intro
1:25 When did you realize the crypto industry needs a DEX aggregator?
3:24 How long did it take to build 1inch?
4:31 Did you ever think that people would see the 1INCH token as an investment vehicle?
6:40 Why were some users ‘airdropped’ disproportionately large amounts of 1INCH tokens?
8:40 How are Ethereum gas prices currently affecting your platform?
9:27 Do you plan to continue to rely on Ethereum despite high gas prices?
11:25 What is your relationship with other DeFi platforms, such as Uniswap or DeFi Pulse?
13:58 How will DeFi evolve in 2021?
15:55 Will adoption come to DeFi once Ethereum’s gas fee problem is resolved?

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