NFL star Marshawn Lynch eyeing a move to NFTs

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Former NFL great Marshawn Lynch has filed to trademark the term “BEASTMODE” for NFTs and more.

Lynch has said that in addition to digital memorabilia, he plans to utilize the brand to sell items authenticated by NFT. He was dubbed “Beast Mode” by fans because of his penchant for barreling over defenders time and time again.

According to Michael Kondoudis, a USPTO-licensed trademark and patent attorney, the trademark application was submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Jan. 20.

The application has the serial number 97761943. Today, Kondoudis was the one who broke the news about the new development through his official Twitter profile.

Lynch to unveil NFT collectibles

A sneak peek at Lynch’s trademark registration suggests plans to utilize the name to sell downloaded digital files. These goods include non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based NFTs, as well as a range of NFT collectibles and digital collectibles.

In 2008, after the word “Beast Mode” became more well-known because of Lynch, Lynch filed a trademark application. In the application for the trademark, he said that he planned to sell T-shirts in the future to make money off the brand.

This led to the start of the clothing brand called Beast Mode Apparel. It’s possible that the business’s growth rate of adoption played a role in Lynch’s decision to join the NFT sector.

Not just Lynch but several other well-known individuals have previously submitted trademark applications focusing on NFT. Last year, Steph Curry, one of the most famous basketball players in the United States, applied to trademark the word “Curryverse.”

The basketball player intends to capitalize on the brand by providing various leisure services and virtual items via the Metaverse.

Leading companies from across the globe have filed trademark applications for NFT-centric goods and services. Brands like Lionsgate, Rolex, Nissan, Visa, and Ford are all represented here. This exemplifies the widespread use of cryptocurrencies that are occurring at this time.

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