Logan Paul suggests Coffeezilla hire lawyer after CryptoZoo reports

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Social media personality Logan Paul is at the center of the debate about play-to-earn games, crypto, NFTs, and CryptoZoo. Paul warned YouTuber Coffeezilla in a recent video, who published videos on Paul and his NFT project.

Paul claims he did not defraud his audience

Coffeezilla, a well-known YouTuber, recently claimed that Paul’s CryptoZoo NFT project was a “scam.” Following an argumentative exchange, Paul responded with a YouTube video in which he defended himself and threatened to sue Coffeezilla, whose real name is Stephen Findeisen.

Paul asserted in his remarks that Coffeezilla’s statements against CryptoZoo were motivated by his desire to profit from his celebrity. He emphasized that Findeisen exposed himself to “very real implications” by making such claims.

“You’ve successfully exploited my name for views and cash, much like many others on this site. While you used to provide objective work, your addiction to clicks has affected your judgment, causing you to make serious mistakes with real consequences.”

Logan Paul, Social Media Personality.

He also pointed out Zack Kelling, an investigator allegedly working with Coffezilla, delayed justice, committed “several offences” associated with armed robbery, and produced papers to support his allegations.

Logan responds to CryptoZoo scam claims 

In Paul’s “response” YouTube video, the influencer acknowledged working with an “unsavory individual” who brought questionable employees to the CryptoZoo team. He blamed the queries raised in the project on his tendency to be overly trusting, adding, “I guess that’s what I got for trusting the team that I relied on to screen and handle the hiring.”

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Paul continued to state that a man named Eddie Ibanez, the lead developer for CryptoZoo, is a con guy who misled millionaires, the Mormon Church, and the owner of the New York Yankees.

The YouTuber challenged the idea that CryptoZoo was a rug-and-pull with no intention of delivering the finished product by noting that the project is still in development. But, he hasn’t yet provided an estimated date for its official launch.

Players can buy eggs that hatch into hybrid creatures in the Binance Smart Chain-based online game CryptoZoo, introduced in 2021. These animals provide players with a long-term passive revenue source through Zoo tokens.

The idea is comparable to the well-known NFT game “Axie Infinity,” however, according to Coffeezilla’s claim, Paul’s crew allegedly sold their coins ahead of schedule to profit. At the same time, the social media star’s supporters and investors lost their money.

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