Join the Revenue Sharing Pool: Earn from PancakeSwap’s v3 Trading Fee Revenues by Staking CAKE

  • PancakeSwap introduces the Revenue Sharing Pool, allowing Fixed-Term CAKE stakers to earn 5% of the trading fee revenues from all v3 trading pairs with 0.01% and 0.05% fee tiers on a weekly basis.
  • The new sustainable model offers real yield and continued growth, benefiting CAKE holders and promoting community-driven growth.

PancakeSwap, the beloved decentralized exchange (DEX) known as “Ev3ryone’s Favourite D3X” (@PancakeSwap), has introduced a game-changing liquidity initiative: the Revenue Sharing Pool. This innovative utility enables Fixed-Term CAKE stakers to participate directly in the growth and success of PancakeSwap by earning real yield from the platform’s v3 trading fee revenues.

Let’s explore how this new sustainable model benefits CAKE holders and promotes community-driven growth.

Participate in the Revenue Sharing Pool

  • What is the Revenue Sharing Pool? PancakeSwap’s Revenue Sharing Pool allows Fixed-Term CAKE stakers to earn 5% of the trading fee revenues from ALL PancakeSwap v3 trading pairs with 0.01% and 0.05% fee tiers. This means that alongside the regular APR from staking CAKE, users will now receive real yield directly from trading fee revenues.
  • A Sweet Opportunity for CAKE Stakers By participating in the Revenue Sharing Pool, CAKE stakers gain an additional opportunity to share in the growth and success of PancakeSwap. As the DEX continues to attract more users and experience increasing trading volumes (currently exceeding $12.5 billion), the potential rewards for participants become even more enticing.

A Sustainable Model for CAKE Holders

  • Aligning with Long-Term Vision PancakeSwap’s introduction of the Revenue Sharing Pool aligns with its long-term vision of sustainability and community-driven growth. This model ensures that the value of CAKE remains strong and that the benefits of holding the token are enhanced.
  • Mitigating Inflation By directly profiting from the growth of the PancakeSwap protocol, CAKE holders contribute to a sustainable model that helps mitigate inflation. This fosters a healthy ecosystem that benefits all community members.

How to Join and Claim Rewards

  • Joining the Revenue Sharing Pool Existing CAKE stakers with fixed-term positions can effortlessly update their staking positions to join the revenue sharing program. New CAKE stakers can easily start staking their tokens in a fixed-term position following a simple step-by-step guide.
  • Claiming Rewards and Distribution Schedule Claiming rewards from the Revenue Sharing Pool is user-friendly through the interface on PancakeSwap. Rewards are distributed weekly (every 7 days) on approximately Wednesday at 23:59 UTC. The first four distributions will each include 25% of the revenue sharing rewards from June and July, offering boosted rewards during the initial period.

Marking a New Era for CAKE Stakers

PancakeSwap’s commitment to delivering value to its vibrant community and rewarding loyal CAKE holders has never been stronger. With the launch of the Revenue Sharing Pool and the expansion to multiple chains, PancakeSwap aims to provide increased rewards and continued growth for its community. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the evolution of CAKE staking, making it even more enticing and beneficial for all participants.

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