IOTA Login for industry, IoT, organizations and individuals is here – What you need to know

  • IOTA and are set to play a critical role in developing a privacy-preserving, SSI-based login system allowing Web2 and Web3 to easily and securely onboard users.
  • The IOTA community is looking to build with ETO GRUPPE to secure automating communication in the Internet of Things (IoT).

In an aim to bring more security to the Internet of Things, ETO GRUPPE is looking to use a network of distributed digital identities (DIDs) and verifiable credentials (VCs). The technology ensures that ‘Things’ get a unique identity that offers secure access and safety from manipulation. ETO could find an opportunity to work with the IOTA Foundation and who are already working together to bring seamless sign-In to the world.

Login with IOTA

The IOTA Foundation seeks to bring more users to Web2 and Web3 by offering a seamless privacy-preserving login system based on self-sovereign identity (SSI) called Login With IOTA. According to an earlier blog post by the team, this project will allow users to “remain in full control of their data and will be able to securely share information at their discretion.”

It is no secret that right now websites and applications that onboard users control users’ data and in most cases commercialize this data. Login gives the power back to the user. With the proposed solution, users will enjoy a unique digital identity, data sovereignty, and data protection.

Login With IOTA allows websites and applications to onboard users while respecting the user’s privacy, reducing friction, and offering enhanced security.

To encourage mass adoption, IOTA Login is based on existing technology such as identity infrastructure for single sign-on (SSO), the project will then build towards a cutting-edge digital identity approach like decentralized SSI.

As a result of the collaboration with, IOTA Identity will be integrated into’s open-source SSI infrastructure solutions, which will be able to support the IOTA ecosystem next to other identity ecosystems like EBSI (EU Blockchain Service Infrastructure), Gaia-X, the Velocity Network, Ethereum, and more.

Users will provide essential data commonly requested by websites and applications; email, phone number address, and date of birth, this data will be stored in an SSI wallet and provided to multiple applications. But unlike in centralized systems where the data is in the control of the host, this data will remain completely in the control of the user.

In an earlier post by the IOTA Foundation, the team confirmed that development of the system was well underway and the launch of the first official version would be available in autumn 2022.

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