Grand Time Extends Boundaryless Crypto Income Generation Opportunities

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As rising inflation and economic instability continue impacting the pockets (and lifestyle) of billions of people worldwide, Grand Time – an ecosystem of innovative Web 3.0 solutions – is ushering in a new era of the decentralized economy by allowing people to monetize their time.

This community-driven platform aims to bring millions of people into the cryptocurrency universe by making it accessible and straightforward. To achieve this, Grand Time employs a proprietary blockchain-enabled decentralized time ecosystem to empower users to monetize every moment of their lives. 

The Grand Time ecosystem consists of several different solutions, including the Grand Crypto School, Grand Social Mining Platform, Grand Community & Messenger, Grand Wallet, Grand GIG Tasks Marketplace, Grand Dex Exchange, and Grand NFT Marketplace. Each of these solutions is designed to reward users for their time on the platform.

For instance, users can earn the platform-native $GRAND tokens by participating in simple social media tasks (such as liking posts or writing comments) on the Grand Social Mining Platform. In addition, platform participants can generate $GRAND tokens by participating in surveys, voting, and providing honest feedback about products and services.

Then there’s the Grand GIG Tasks Marketplace, which plays a key role in providing a stable income source to thousands of people from underdeveloped and developing countries, primarily those under the poverty line of less than $4 worth of income per day. 

To date, Grand Time, through its GIG Tasks Marketplace, has facilitated more than 800,000 monthly gig-based tasks, resulting in more than 1.3 billion people below the poverty line now earning  $5 to $10 daily. Additionally, users who are very active on the platform and perform upwards of 100 tasks a day earn more than $100 daily, while some earn as much as $200 per day by working 24/7.

According to the stats published by Grand Time, the platform has distributed more than $2 million in token earnings to date. Without spending a cent on user acquisition, the platform has attracted more than 26,000 active users. In the meantime, the Grand Time community has expanded to more than 90 countries and is growing by 5–15% each month after raising $78,000 during its presale.

Anyone who knows the basics of social media can earn $GRAND tokens without buying expensive hardware or performing many complicated tasks. One of the standout features of Grand Time is that users can choose how much time they want to spend on a task, and everyone is rewarded based on how much they do. 

The revenue made through its crypto GIG tasks marketplace goes straight into the reward pool for the “Grand Exchange Program.” All of the funds are kept there, so the community can access them whenever needed. When users want to exchange their Grand rewards for other cryptos, tokens are taken from this pool.

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