DhabiCoin (DBC) is the Market’s Big Bet for 2022


Dhabicoin is one of the most potential tokens in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as of its line of operations ahead and growing traders interest.

The DBC token has grown exponentially since the beginning of its pre-sale in March 2021.

It has reached more than 32 countries on five continents, which demonstrates the capillarity power of DhabiCoin and the confidence of the cryptocurrency market.

Just to give you an idea, DBC is in all 10 leading countries in the active crypto market, except Peru. It will certainly reach this country in the second pre-sales phase (ICO).

This is because, in the first phase of ICO, the DBC token exceeded all expectations.

At this stage, it sealed pre-contracts to be launched in three notable exchanges: PancakeSwap, Hotbit, and Latoken.

The fact that it is already pre-listed in three exchanges itself is a good achievment in such A short time.

Additionally, it is added to a secure environment, trusted team, and transparency of the Dhabicoin project.

This made the crypto-active market choose the DBC token as one of the main bets for the next year.

Project Booster Roadmap

The project gained good traction and this experience is going to help the team.

Located in Dubai, the Project seems to have Global reach and traders are now seeking for its Strong roadmap before the Invest

Timeline Begins from January 2022

  • Launching on three exchanges on the same day
  • World Traders Championship Promotion
  • Arbitrage between exchanges, that is, buying and selling in different exchanges for different prices which allow increased profitability in transactions
  • Safe and transparent environment for trading
  • Token settlement option based on the pairing between Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum

Dhabicon has passed all audited criteria.

DBC has undergone a rigorous audit with Techrate, one of the most respected auditing firms in the world.

By submitting the cryptocurrency to an independent technical audit, the DBC projectors were able to expand the number of aspects of their design.

Together with the other strengths of DBC, the aspects mentioned here allowed the crypto-active market around the world to elect the DBC token as one of the great investments for the next year.

To learn more, visit the DBC Social Media and Specialized Press website.

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