Damaged Coins and Other Exonumia by Vicken – Wilmington Coin Club Meeting Presentation

Imagine a Private Sector, Free Market Economy That Guarantees Enough Predictable Income,,,

Picture, if you can, an economic sector oriented, free market economic situation which is designed to methodically assure that every American person, despite race, ethnic culture, gender, or sexual preference, has SUFFICIENT PREDICTABLE REVENUE to pay for respectable food, shelter, clothes, education, fundamental transport, as well as indeed, health and wellness care. Simply put, envision, if you can, a cost-free market economic system that’s particularly created to produce.

The $4 Trillion Dollar Idea That Creates No Debt and Pays All Americans to Pull Together!

In this moment of situation, with Americans so divided and also dealing with amongst one another, we are in alarming need of a brand-new and unique method of seeing and also fixing our troubles. Resources Homesteading is not brand name brand-new. However the depth of the present pandemic oriented economic situation demands that this ingenious suggestion lastly be provided major consideration. If you favor a free-market economic climate and also a political democracy (a federal government of individuals, by the people, and for individuals) Capital Homesteading is a winner!

Beyond Employee Ownership: A Perminent Cure for America’s Boom/Bust Economy

In an unbelievably unbalanced economy teetering on the edge of collapse because of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a gold possibility for Americans to reshape our economy and also our society to make sure that we actually have a government of individuals, by the individuals, as well as for individuals rather than a federal government that’s gotten and also sold by the rich few, the one percent. Inspect out a suggestion called Funding Homesteading.

Why Gold Is Insurance During Times Of Crisis

When it involves individual financing or structure riches, securing your properties with some type of insurance coverage is essential. I’ve often said that education and learning is essential but, financial literacy is critical. In this short article discover why gold needs to have an area in your profile.

Pandemic, Massive Debt, and Gold

Various other southerly countries will likewise face the reemergence of the sovereign financial obligation dilemma. This moment Greece’s debt-to-GDP begins at over 180 percent, compared to 146 percent in 2010; Spain at 95 percent vs. 60 percent; Portugal at 122 percent vs. 96 percent; as well as France 98 percent vs. 85 percent.

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