Crypto unicorns debate on DeFi, scalability, and interoperability | CV VC livestream

The latest “Crypto Valley VC Top 50 Report” accounts for over 900 firms with 11 unicorns, led by protocols such as Ethereum ($157.2B), Polkadot ($29.3B), Cosmos ($3.8B), and Near ($1.1B).

Join this flagship panel discussion to hear how the Crypto Valley unicorns are building a parallel financial system on DeFi by leveraging the latest developments in scalability and interoperability.

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Welcome by CV VC & CV Labs — Olaf Hannemann, co-founder of CV VC
Welcome by Member of the Swiss Parliament, Council of States — Matthias Michel
Crypto Valley Top 50 Report Ecosystem — Ralf Kubli, Director at CV VC
DeFi latest developments by Santiment — Maksim Balashevich

Panel discussion and Q&A:
Dankrad Feist, researcher at the Ethereum Foundation
Joe Petrowski, technical integrations lead at the Web3 Foundation
Peter DePaulo, head of developer relations at Near Protocol
Zaki Manian, director of Tendermint Labs

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