Crypto Payments On Twitter, Will These Coins Enter The List ?

Twitter Suffers 270 Million Loss Is It Because of Elon Musk

You probably are aware that Elon Musk completed the $44 billion Twitter deal just a few days ago. Now, the speculations about crypto payments being implemented for Twitter is increasing by the hour. This is largely because Musk, the self-proclaimed leader of Dogecoin, shall reportedly be introducing Dogecoin payments for Twitter blue services. The news of this caused the meme coin to surge by almost 70% within mere hours. 

Currently, Dogecoin is selling at $0.146 with a surge of 25.53% over the last 24hrs and 144.52% in the last seven days.

Musk, being a major supporter of all things crypto, is almost certain to introduce crypto payments for the platform- as he did so for his other company Tesla as well. However, the question arises: Which assets will he choose for this?

Reportedly, most Twitter users are not in favor of the platform’s subscription service. Experts are of the opinion that the subscription will not only help Twitter to gain revenue but will also resolve content-related issues. Before the completion of the Elon-Twitter deal, the Tesla CEO had backed off due to spam accounts and bots.

Dogecoin To Be The First One To Enter Crypto Twitter Payments

It’s not just Dogecoin that could benefit from crypto payments on Twitter; there are many which are expected to be introduced. 

Well-known crypto influencer, Ran Neuner, claims Binance’s stablecoin, BUSD, could also be at the forefront of Crypto Twitter payments. He added that along with BUSD, Bitcoin might also stand a chance to be considered for crypto payments. 

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