Crypto Market Correction In Feb, Suspects Traders – But There Is A Catch

Trading Cryptocurrency

The crypto market has been quite fluctuating lately, especially Bitcoin which is hovering around $23,000 and $22,000 area. The King currency had opened the day on a brighter note, but ended on a bearish trend as the currency has once again dropped towards $22,000 level.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at $22,826 with a fall of 0.42% over the last 24hrs.

When looking at the other side of the coin, Bitcoin has started the year on a bullish cycle as in January alone the currency had gained more than 45% after hitting a high of $24,300. This momentum pushed Ethereum and other altcoins towards their recovery cycle.

Bitcoin On A Bull Ride Soon

However, while the crypto market is moving towards its recovery phase, traders and investors are not so confident about Crypto’s future and are predicting a correction ahead in Feb. Now, what’s interesting is that the on-chain data platform Santiment claims that the market usually leans where traders least expect. 

This suggests that when most of the traders are showing a negative stance towards the future of crypto, it creates less selling pressure and more buyers. If this happens, the crypto market will witness and increased demand which will push the cryptocurrency prices towards their next bull run.

The similar claim has been made by a technical analyst, Adrian Zdunczyk aka Crypto Birb where he believes that the crypto market is currently in a disbelief mode.

As per the data, often disbelief is the result of fear of missing out on profits and also its a fear of being caught in market correction. However, looking at the broader picture and the increasing institutional interest in Crypto, the market is expected to see continued growth.

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