Charles Hoskinson Dispels Rumors Of Being an Anti-XRP Conspirator


Charles Hoskinson, the well-known creator of Cardano and a founding member of Ethereum, has finally put to rest any whispers of his alleged association with an anti-XRP conspiracy. The clarification came through a Twitter exchange, where a user’s accusation prompted a response from Hoskinson himself.

The Accusation and Hoskinson’s Response

A social media user presented Hoskinson with an email screenshot, supposedly sent by William Hinman, hinting at Hoskinson’s involvement in a conspiracy against XRP. Without delay, Hoskinson issued a firm rebuttal on Twitter, explaining the inaccuracy of the dates mentioned and his lack of connection to the events.

He underscored that the emails and related documents were from 2018 onwards, whereas his departure from the Ethereum project happened in June 2014, way before the incidents referred to. In a humorous tone, he stated that any grievances should be directed towards “Uncle Joe,” not him, thus separating himself from the dispute.

A Brief Insight into Hoskinson’s Involvement With Ether

Hoskinson’s role in Ethereum was pivotal as he was among the eight original founders. He was part of the project’s inception and contributed to shaping the technological framework. His approach towards a more regulated and business-oriented path, however, led to differences with other team members, most well-known being his little beef with Vitalik Buterin.

The differences in vision culminated in his exit from Ethereum in June 2014. He then embarked on a new journey with Cardano, a crypto driven by a research-first approach. His exit was marked by a feeling of being wronged by his former colleagues, something he has never shied away from explaining. 

Hoskinson’s clear and robust response on Twitter effectively dispels the allegations of his involvement in any anti-XRP activities. The community can now lay this rumor to rest, appreciating the clarity and transparency with which Hoskinson addressed the matter.

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