Chancer vs. Scorpion Casino: Which New Crypto Is the Better Investment?

  • Blockchain has a multitude of use cases, and it seems that online betting is the latest industry to make the switch to decentralization.
  • Two exciting new crypto projects, Chancer and Scorpion Casino, are each showing the vast utility that blockchain can have for online gambling platforms.

For investors who have the bear market blues, now could be the best time to get involved. Enduring the market while prices are low is sure to bring rewards once conditions improve, so these two new crypto presales could be worth checking out.

Two new crypto presales in the online gambling industry have investors wondering: Which is the better bet?

Chancer’s new crypto presale recently kicked off, and investors from across Web3 have been showing excitement at the project’s future potential. It is the first fully decentralized predictions market that allows bettors to bypass bookmakers in a next generation gambling experience.

Meanwhile, Scorpion Casino has so far raised over $300,000 during the SCORP token presale. The platform will offer a range of classic casino games, including roulette, blackjack, and many other pastimes.

Both new crypto projects are helping drive the blockchain revolution in the online gambling industry. While Scorpion Casino’s new platform looks like an attractive option, Chancer’s protocol is particularly exciting for blockchain enthusiasts.

What is Chancer?

Chancer is a fully peer-to-peer (P2P) predictions market. The new crypto project allows bettors to create custom bet slips with odds they’ve set themselves. For the first time ever, sports bettors will not be subject to unfavorable odds that have been set by a centralized bookmaker.

Chancer allows users to bet on practically any outcome. Whether creating small wagers with friends, or betting against the crowd for major events such as the Champions League Final or the Oscars, Chancer brings something brand new to the world of online betting.

The gambling industry, currently valued at over $60 billion worldwide, is known to manipulate odds in favor of the house. Chancer, however, inverts the power structure for online gamblers and allows people full control over the bets they make and settle.

How does CHANCER work?

The CHANCER token is the primary currency on the Chancer platform. It’s used to make all bets between users and settle all payouts. On-site, users can collaborate around bet ideas using Google’s WebRTC to live stream events and freely take the other side of bets that are placed in the peer-to-peer predictions market.

Since users can create their own custom bet slips with odds they’ve made themselves, Chancer has taken measures to ensure that all users are kept safe. Moderators are available 24/7 to ensure that all bets are made in a fair way for everyone who gets involved.

As the first P2P predictions market in the world, Chancer is thought to have immense potential. From making bets between friends on practically any outcome, to designing a custom bet slip for upcoming UFC fights or taking a bet against thousands of users during the Superbowl, Chancer is fast becoming one of the most exciting options around.

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Will CHANCER reach $0.75 in 2025?

The CHANCER token is currently available for $0.01 during the presale. It’s still in Stage 1, but long-term backers of the new crypto project only have a limited time to get involved. By the end of Stage 12, CHANCER should have climbed to $0.021.

Price analysts are anticipating major returns from the end of the CHANCER presale. It will go live on several major exchanges after the event, and the platform will begin to serve gamblers from across the world. By 2025, CHANCER is expected to reach in excess of $0.50.

What is Scorpion Casino?

Scorpion Casino is a new crypto project that brings classic casino games to the blockchain. Gamblers can try their luck at games like roulette and earn cryptocurrency rewards for making the right call. The platform also supports staking services and can deliver a passive yield on SCORP tokens.

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The SCORP crypto presale has been ongoing for some time. While the project sounds promising, it’s in direct competition with major existing platforms such as Rollbit — one of the most popular casinos to be integrated with blockchain technology.

Will Scorpion Casino reach new heights in 2025?

One SCORP is currently worth $0.012. The token is considered to be one of the best new online casinos for the Ethereum blockchain, as it brings many classic casino games to crypto users directly. One of the key differences between Scorpion Casino and Chancer, however, is that the centralized Scorpion Casino team will create algorithms that set the odds.

Experts are predicting Scorpion Casino will attract users over the coming years where it is expected to reach $0.10 by 2025, but it’s unlikely to outperform Chancer from these early stages. The popularity of blockchain is proof that there is widespread demand for decentralized control and, unfortunately, Scorpion Casino lacks this.

Chancer vs. Scorpion Casino: Which token is the better buy?

Without a doubt, Chancer looks to be the more promising long-term investment during the presale. Both new crypto projects are exciting insofar as they display the sheer number of use cases for blockchain technology; however, Chancer has already proven to be the more popular option for avid Web3 users.

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There is limited time to get involved with the CHANCER presale. The new crypto looks set for a big future as the online gambling industry is predicted to swell to $70 billion by 2030, as it’s the first and only platform of its kind. It’s certainly one to watch over the coming years.

You can take part in the CHANCER presale here.

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