Bitcoin to close April above $90K? When & where this bull wave will top | Eric Crown market analysis

Cryptocurrency trader and market analyst Eric Crown talks Bitcoin, Ethereum, and DOGE, discusses what the Coinbase listing means for crypto in 2021, and explains how to spot Bitcoin’s next top.

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Will this week’s events initiate another upward wave in this crypto bull market cycle?
1:42 Can Bitcoin surpass $90K in this cycle as per PlanB’s calculations?
3:30 Can Bitcoin reach $100K by year-end even if it tops within the next few months?
5:53 Has the Coinbase direct listing lived up to the hype?
9:12 Will a U.S. Bitcoin ETF be launched before the end of 2021?
10:36 Will issues with transaction fees stunt Ether’s growth this year?
12:15 Does Ether have more upside potential than Bitcoin in 2021?
14:01 What are your price targets for Ether in the short, medium, and long term?
14:51 Why is DOGE the historical outlet for hype-driven pumps in the crypto market?

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