Adaptive Digital Currency ndau Added to


As the blockchain space continues to grow, users resort to educational and analytic tools to get a sense of wild things happening.

One of the popular services that keep them up to date is

An analytics-driven app store focused on the adoption of decentralized applications that drive this growth.

It lists over 2,200 projects and empowers users to discover, use, and analyze dapps in the easiest way possible.

The store and analytics platform has recently added ndau, the world’s first adaptive digital currency, to its index.

On a dedicated profile for the currency, website visitors will be able to learn more about the project and browse through analytics on its DeFi economy.

ndau is regarded as a long-term store of value and a premier Defi solution.

Thanks to its built-in economic structure that incentivizes both potentials for growth and downside risk mitigation without the need for fiat peg.

ndau differs from other adaptive currency projects in its ability to capture value from the overall market by pacing itself in response to real-time demand.

In the event of a market downturn, however, it counts on a reserve to support its price floor while the network’s policies disincentivize sell-offs.

A Perfecr Adaptive Cryptocurrenyc

As a Proof of Stake network, ndau also offers its own staking program.

The Ecosystem Alignment Incentive, or (EAI), allows long-term holders to receive yields of up to 15 percent annually.

This is done by simply locking ndau in their own wallets for periods of up to three years.

The program avoids the need for third-party custody that is common in other programs. 

Rob Frasca, director at ndau development team Oneiro, referred to the addition of ndau on as

a great way to make traders, investors, and enthusiasts more aware of the advantages ndau offers as an alternative store of value and its staking program.”

He added, Partnering up with also serves to bring more awareness of ndau’s benefits and use cases.

These include institutional and retail storage, diversification and risk mitigation, and protection against inflation as well as DeFi features.

DeFi features include escrow and leveraging the currency’s adaptive capabilities for collateral on smart contracts.’s popular education portal and DeFi resources will also be a good way to find out about ndau’s plans to launch Wrapped ndau.

You can now trade the currency across different decentralized exchanges and staked as collateral on new DeFi lending platforms available on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems.

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