it’s, robert with coin up, getting everything ready, howdy, howdy, howdy, how you like that? Okay, let’s, see here odin. Are you ready for your exam? How you doing everybody great arbuckle good to see you kevin, knows seven, let’s, see lincoln central’s here, my beautiful wife, lord lena i don’t, hear nothing here, hello, everyone! Everyone notice! There’s! My beautiful wife, she’s in the house today: hello, hello, hello, flag, city parts, jeff, how you doing that’s right guys.

Tonight, florina’s in the house. She’s gonna, be here to help us take and to go through the road she showed up today so good to see everybody. I’m back home guys. I miss you, everyone, hello, brian hooper, good, to see you, everybody good, to see everybody hello, liam, oh, but emperor ain’t gonna try the last one, hello, everybody kevanov7 brian hooper, kenneth, l, howdy, howdy howdy, guys like i got my little gloves On this is the roll we will be searching.

It is an original bankrupt and i’m gonna put it under the uh under the one mic here or under the one uh yeah that thing that camera right there, that’s. What i’m gonna put it under this is the roll we’re gonna be looking at.

Let me take and lift her up right here. This is an original bank wrap. As far as i know, we’re gonna all find out here in just a second hello, steeler69, sir good, to see you my photo my friend joe durbin, mr bell’s in the house farm dog.

He’s here. We got a lot of wonderful, wonderful people good to see everyone. It really is we’ll take, and hopefully there’s. Gon na be a bunch more show up. Yeah that stupid thing went out of focus, huh come on camera.

Do your job! You only got one job to do. We got ta open this up here in just a minute. Hello, collective. Chris, welcome to youtube’s corner guys. This looks like a nice looking coin roll, i hope the inside of it looks as good as the rest of it.

This will also tell us about don’t forget everybody. This will also tell us what it’s, going to look like because february, the 15th. At the same time, eight o’clock. We’ll, be opening this role, a world 1936 philadelphia.

This is the one i ‘ Ve got a lot of high hopes, for so everybody have good thoughts. Uh, let’s. Hope like heck. We find, as i’ve, said in the promo video everybody. I don’t care. If i find any of the phoebus stantons in this role, i’ll, be doing a giveaway.

Now. What that giveaway is? I’m, not sure. Yet you got ta live in the united states of america. That’s all, however, if i find 20 or more 20 or more of any of the phoebus dead, and that’s, fs 101, 102 or 103, i will give away one of the phoebus and stanton’s, which that Could be guys that will be a giveaway if we find that it’ll, be a giveaway of anywhere from 800 to 45 000, that’s, where the prices go on that thing, so that’s, what we will be Doing but that’s going to be february.

The 15th at 8, o’clock p.m. So, if you’re, not a subscriber, please subscribe. Tell all your friends about it to where everybody can join in okay. We got about 45 people coming in right now. This is again.

This is our roll okay. What we’re going to do is uh still over 69. No, no anytime! I find any of them: okay, guys anytime, i find any of the fs’s. There will be a giveaway it’s, just not going to be one of the fifa stantons.

There will be a giveaway, even if we only find one if we find just one it’ll be a giveaway. Maybe it’ll, be a silver round um. Maybe it’ll be a coin. I don’t know. Yet what we’re gonna give away.

I haven ‘ T decided that yet, but there will be a giveaway for any that we find each time we find one. There will be a giveaway. If i get up to 20, they’ll take and i will give one of the fss away now.

Let me tell you guys, right now, i’m sort of kind of a given person. We find 15. i might just taken. I might just reconsider that and go ahead and give it away now for those of you who live out of the united states of america.

If you have a trusted friend in the united states of america, i address that i can ship it to on the giveaways. I’ll, be happy to do that, but it’s. You’re responsible to have your trusted friend, not mine.

I am not. I’m, not responsible for it. I’ll, just ship it to whoever you tell me if they give it to you or not. Well, that’s. Gon na be up to you, hello, t, stacker uh uh, let’s, see here um mohammed hello, to you good, to see a lot of new faces, hello, anna hutchinson, good to see you, i’m glad you was able to make It so guys i’m, not gonna be able to read a lot of the chat and everything hey yes, smack howdy howdy howdy smack is the person that does right here.

Guys snack does all of our t-shirts for corners. Uh aspect. Does a wonderful job um? In fact, i’m, expecting some shirts from him shortly. I know i just paid the bill at least, but i’m, expecting some shirts, so the floor can do some of the uh, so she can do some of the time she’s been doing yes, please don’t.

Forget everybody every wednesday at 3, 00 p.m. Eastern standard time. We have a live auction right here. So again, if you’re, not a subscriber, please subscribe hit the bell and you’ll be notified anytime, we go live and we hope you hit the thumbs up.

Uh friday, at 8, o’clock p.m. Eastern standard time. We have another live auction. There’s real coins in these guys. A lot of these people that are in here they take and they actually buy. For me, they ‘

Ve got many many coins um. We do it all the time we have a good time. The only rule for being a member and joining and participating in the auctions is that you have a good time. I always say: if you ain’t having fun you’re, not doing it right.

Okay, everybody! It’s 802 and 805. I’m gonna open the wrong. We’ll start at that time. Okay, so i’m more than more or less just trying to keep track of the chat and things of that. Let’s, see here: um, hey son of a silver stacker good, to see you! Yes, at the auctions, you must live in the united states of america and have a paypal that’s for the live auctions.

Also there’s, a five dollar uh registration fee and that’s non-refundable. But when you make your first purchase, we do deduct that from your first purchase it’s, not that we need it. We’re, not worried about that.

That’s, just to make certain that we are protecting our bidders and we can get your information make certain that you live in the united states of america. Let’s, see here chantana! Oh, my indian said that came from the downtown, the oh yeah, [, Music ].

You know what we saw so many coins. I saw so many coins. I don’t, remember what i sold yesterday. In fact, no, i do remember what i sold yesterday. Ear, nothing, hello, everyone again! What house cleaning? Oh, you’re, getting ready to do some giveaways already.

She’s, getting some stuff together for giveaways tonight, so that’s right allen. Davis is correct. Come check us out at the auction check it out and even if you don’t buy nothing just come check it out.

We have a good time. We don’t, mind chit chat, only thing is, is uh my my trouble maker mod link and he gets a little bit out of shape whenever he’s, calling you guys put numbers in there and you don ‘

T spell them out, but you know that’s. Okay, um kevin07s robert, which your lincoln wheat cent did you say, was the hardest to find a bie uh kevin 07. That’s kind of difficult. For me to answer. I’m, not very much in the air, but the one i’ve had the most difficult finding has been the 1951.

They go back to 51 that i’m aware of now. There could be some before that. I know there’s, some after that, but between 51 and 54 they seem to be kind of difficult to find hello, alexander smith. Welcome thanks for stopping by link of shadows good evening and welcome to youtube corner.

Let’s! See time bandit hello, hello, hello, steve a thank you very much uh guys. We will have some giveaways tonight, apparently, from what floors telling me you, don’t have to purchase nothing to get any winnings tonight.

Awesome007! Congratulations! Um! I don’t know that i’ve ever found a 54 san francisco yeah, please smash like everybody, show us a little love. Let’s, see here, hello, collective chris, i may say your name’s.

Hello! Twice or two three times you guys uh, my memory is about is yeah yeah big, you colin stoner. I hope we take it. I hope we find something really cool. Okay, here’s. What we’re gonna. Do we’re gonna open the roll first? Okay, you guys i’m gonna.

Let you watch as i open it. So here we go again. This is a 1937 philadelphia from the syracuse trust company, syracuse new york, so guys i’m, not too uh. I’m, not too too ooh. Look at these. They’re pretty for red, oh wow, oh boy! You know what, if this is anything like what we’re gonna find with the 36 i’m already happy.

If nothing else, look we got one stuck in there. Don’t want to come out yeah. We need a variety, let’s go and there it is okay. Now what i’m going to do everybody? Oh boy, nice! Looking coin here, i will search these now.

I’m gonna take the first couple. I’m gonna show you guys a little bit of how i’m gonna do it. I just wan na show a couple of these coins, but i’ll, show you guys late or basically how i search a variety.

These are nice. Looking coins guys we don’t find any varieties. These will be for sale down the road just as individuals, so let’s. Hope we find something good now, okay, guys here’s; the deal that’s, you’ve, seen what they look like.

So we’re gonna take and throw it over to the scope. Next um i’ve. Got me a nice little two by here that i’ll use to put the coin on and we will search it. However, i know for a fact: it is considerably difficult floor.

Can you answer the door? Please um. It’s considerably difficult for me to see some of the varieties on coins. So what i do is i got a 16x loop that i will be using and i will search them basically. First, this away: oh boy, that’s, amanda that’s.

My daughter amanda. Ah, excuse me hello, everybody that’s. My son robert, that’s right. Okay, you leaving okay love, you guys be good, take care and i’ll talk to you later, okay, yeah. I know i ‘

Ll talk to you guys later, okay have a good evening, guys be safe. Okay, this first one i’m. Looking at everybody, let’s, get back to the coins at hand. I would say is at least the 65 looking at the obverse.

Now i’m, a pretty conservative bitter it’s, got a little bit of a little bit of dye fatigue on the reverse. I do not see a variety. I do not see a double die or anything, but i will show this to you under the scope and then, after that, we will take and we will start going through these a little bit quicker.

Okay, here’s, the scope and i’ve got it well. Let me pull it back a little bit, because we don’t need that close and you’ll, see why i only want to grade it at 65., one of them that’s just a little straight there, but there Is a mark right there, a couple of them so that’s? Why i do it now? This is the 1937, as you can see like i said guys, these are nice.

Looking coins couple right there. Those would be die, markers right there underneath the vdb. That would be a die marker. Okay, here’s, the liberty – you can see there’s. No doubling here, hello, jb good, to see you buddy, okay and here’s in guy.

We trust this is our first one that we’re. Looking at everyone, yeah get rid of that. I don’t know who that is okay, and then i look at the eye as well. I don’t, see no doubling there and nothing on the ear.

Now i’ll flip it over and we will review the reverse of it. Oopsie, okay – and this is the reverse of the coin. It’s, a nice looking coin. I can tell you that right now, uh this one i don’t know if this is the beginning or the end now, as you can see guys uh there’s, a little bit of dye striations on there.

So this here is probably halfway through the die life that’s, just to guess everybody i don’t, know the exact amount of time or how many coins was able to be minted off of a die back in 37. I should look that up for you, maybe one of my good uh statisticians out.

There would know and be able to. I mean i know there’s, information on that out there. Okay, there’s, the first one and again there’s. Nothing on that uh. So we’re gonna put that one off to the side. Actually, i ‘

Ve got a roll where i put it in a roll as we get through with them. Okay, now i don ‘ T know how you guys want to do this. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to look through about 10 up real quick or until i do come across something that’s, interesting um or i don’t know if you guys Want to see each one, let me know, oh, that’s.

What i’m asking them. They’re, the ones that’s watching uh this next one here again looks like we’re. Getting about a lot of ms65s guys red our first two, there is no varieties but nice. Looking coins that much, i say now remember.

In 37, there are several dies that are doubled. However, i can tell you right now: um there’s. Little conflicts of rather another master hub, doubling or if they are true uh hub double dies. Uh. This has got a little bit of a nice shiny spot on the back looks like a little bit of the feeder finger might have slid across it.

Just a hair uh steeler 69 – i’ll. Take a 69 myself now this one here that i’ve got it wasn’t for that one slide across that. I would have given this a 66 grade. It’s a little bit nicer than the last couple i’ve, looked at still no varieties yet um and by the way on the 36th, we will search every one of them.

I want you guys to be confident. We’ll search everyone under the scope. This one here is more or less just a warm-up to what we’re going to do, and any mistake i make on these here as far as what you guys want, leave me a comment: if you’re watching the repeat, or In the comment section now, if you want me to do it a particular way that you guys would appreciate, let me know i’d, be happy to take and change up and do it that way.

This one has a slight. I’ll. Show you this one. This has a slight lamination on the reverse, um, and actually it’s. Interesting because it’s, almost a uh. It’s, pretty brown, but, and i don’t know how well the lamb will show.

But if you look at the bright part there that’s, the top half of the lamination and down below it. Now i’ll, try and angle it so you’ll, be able to see it. Oh wait a minute! I just let me see up here, okay, see now that guys, i think that’s, the laminate, that’s, part of the lamination.

I think this is bad metal flow. Just because of what i’m seeing down here, but let me see if i can’t get an angle on this, for you guys to where you’ll, be able to see it just bear with me there. I think you can see it a little bit better right there, the lamination right there, so that’s.

There’s, some kind of lamination on this one, everybody, okay, uh, we’ll, pull this one off to the side. Maybe somebody will want to buy it uh. Maybe we’ll, give it away. I don’t know yet, okay, so, but i am going to keep that one separate and now i’ll, go back to just looking here with my loop.

Well, hello, bernard francis and t stacker. Welcome both you guys to youtube coin out. Okay, looking again, this one is a solid ms66, i would say i haven’t found an outstanding 67 or 68, yet everybody now the back.

I may have to reduce it to a 65 because it’s, weakly struck and there’s. A few marks on the reverse, so just letting you guys know that now guys, if i i’m gonna show you on this coin. Here when i’m looking at a coin – and i am trying to cherry pick – this is how i actually do it a lot of this other stuff.

I’m, searching a little bit different for you guys, but let’s say i just picked the coin up and i’m, getting ready to search it for a variety. This is what i do, and i’m done – that’s, how long it takes now to grade it.

I would come, and i’d. Look a little bit harder uh! Here again, this is a nice 66 red with no problem. Uh, reverse says the same thing i’m, going to show you what i think is possibly uh a mark from a ejection finger.

Now i could be mistaken on this folks because i’m, not much into the uh into the the the errors and that aspect of it. But let me show you from here now right here on this coin: right there, you notice the difference in color that’s, real shiny on the coin, and i think this is from the feeder finger itself.

Now again, i’ll. Try and get it on an angle. There notice how it ‘ S now guys, remember well, excuse me, i’m holding this up so see. I think this is from the feeder finger it slid across and i don’t know if it damaged the die if it hit the die or not uh.

Somebody out there with more experience in the air field might be able to tell you that so that’s. What i believe that’s from i want to lay it back down, focus back in okay. There we go here again that feeder finger, i’m gonna pull it off to the side and on we go onward and upwards and again i am searching these just a little bit more.

I’m grating. At the same time, this one here is only about a 64, in my opinion, uh no varieties. Now let’s, see here this one. I would only give it a 64 or 63 uh when this was put into the roll somebody got their fingerprints on it.

There’s, a print on it only on the obverse it’s, not on the reverse. I got that feeder finger mark or what i call your feeder finger mark and let’s. Move on to the next one come on guys get some positive thoughts out there, so we can find us a double dot.

This one here is a little bit interesting um. This has got a lot of dye abrasions on it and thinking that there should have been a dye clash. Now that just means that this here roll is a nice mix. So that means that we could potentially find something uh there’s a big or there’s.

A good amount of uh die polish lines also on the reverse. So if i find one that’s got a nice die clash in it. It would not surprise me hello, jr crawford, i’m banded hello, welcome, mark a hello and welcome david honda, hello and welcome.

Let’s. See here again, we got probably a ms 60. I’ll, give it a 65. nice red coin on the obverse, reverse uh, nothing, nice and red. The reverse. I’d, give a 66.! Oh! This is an ugly one. This i’d, only give a 63.

In fact, i take that back. I don’t, give this a mint state 62.. This got beat to heck and back a lot of bad dye, uh abrasions on it, and i think i’m. Seeing part of the die cash. This might have been the one, but it’s, not much of a clash uh but boy that over so that coin is particularly ugly in my opinion here again this one here i recognize this die so far, guys no double dies yet.

No rpm! Well, there’s, not going to be an rpm, but no double dies, uh, actually, nothing! I’d, call a good dice clash or anything of that nature. This is a particularly nice coin. Um this one might make it to the grading company.

I think this coin would possibly make a mint state um, 66 or better. I’ll. Show it to you here this particular coin. I, like it’s, pretty clean all red this one. I think i’m gonna, send it in and have it graded and just see how it grades out.

So i’m gonna set that one off to the side and on to the next one uh. I would say this. One here is about a 65, no double dies yet, and there’s, partial thumb, print or fingerprint. On the back it’s, the partial still yeah.

Still i got ta, get it graded. First, i want to grade these myself. First yeah i seen that might be one we might get to you. Steeler there’s, no rpms in this floor. There’s. No mint marks got ta, have a mint mark in order to have an rpm gotten beyond 10.

. Would you like to? Can i let you do that part? This is only about a 64 grade, everybody wow the reverse of it has taken and they had to have changed the reverse in time. On this, i think because this, the first view of the unum looks pretty mushy to me.

Well, i’ll. Tell you what you have a p mint mark, uh, rpm lincoln and i’ll – be happy to buy it from you. Okay, after this one floor, if you would like this is only about a 63 red everybody. So far i’ve.

Only found one that i would consider enough quality to take into be a high enough quality to uh. Now, are you wanting to take and do a letter or something okay? Then i got ta set the cigarette, so just bear with me a second.

No. I don’t: okay, okay, everybody floor wants to do a giveaway. Okay. Now, again the only uh, the only rule you must live in the united states of america. Put your cap locks on everybody, get your cap locks on, because we’re gonna guess a letter from a to z.

You can guess as many times as you want. However, i have the let’s see here. We have 75 uh, let’s, no put that up. [ Applause ] trying to give away a 300 coin there, joe somebody come smack this girl, um yeah, exactly joe um.

Let’s. See. Do we want to do one guess? You know what there & #. 39 s. 75 people said one guess: 77, one guest per person. If you guess more than once, you’ll, be disqualified. So wait till you see the coin knob where it says, go, and then you ‘

Ll be able to take and guess one time a letter from a to z, get your cap locks on floor uh you need to take, and first thing you need to do is get a letter. Um, let’s. See here today is 2. 1. 20. 21. I got 8 24 p.

m. I’m gonna put 8 25 p.m on it, guys that way there. This is where she’s, gonna put the letter, and then we will be guessing from there. Only one guest per person – you guess more than once, you’re out of the contest and you must live in the united states of america or have a friend who’s in the united states of america.

That can vouch for you here take the letter. What are we giving away by the way um, so i can show them that? Let’s start the first three okay for what she’s, going to give away guys it’s, going to be silver and the way silver’s been going up.

That’s, a pretty good gift. Let’s, see wow. It’s, going to be a 19 uh. These are all 1959 uncirculated, roosevelt dime, 1955 san francisco, roosevelt dime and a 1947 denver roosevelt dime. So it’s. Gon na be three silver.

Roosevelt dimes that you’re gonna take, and you’re gonna be winning let’s. See now just so. You know right here is what will be. This is how we will go. We will go straight up off of this right here. Okay, i’ll take and as soon as i hit the go again, you will put a letter from a to z.

One guess per person: you must live in the united states of america or have a united states of america. Shipping address there. You go yo everybody. What’d? You write. Oh okay, one guest per person, everybody! You must have your cat locked on.

Put your cat block on okay, i still have not seen the guess. Everybody anybody’s allowed to guess. I have not seen it yet everybody well. Are we gonna have to open this up hello kg fleabag, hello to you coin hot seahawk, okay, floor said: guess it go ahead and you can guess a second.

Everyone can guess a second time it has not shown up yet i never see it yet. All! Okay, we have not seen it yet so go ahead and guess again, stop stop. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Okay! Guys! Stop everyone! Stop! We got it! Okay, now just hold on a second here’s.

What we’re gonna do, i will show you guys. Let me first take and get it to where whoops there there’s, our go. Okay, i forgot to show you the letters for one second right there, the letter n, if my mods want to double check it.

We’re going right to here and here’s the beginning. The first n is going to be the winner of the three silvers. As you can see, there was no ends yet and as in nancy and right here’s, the first n i got the first m i show as being mavaldo mods.

Can you take and can you please confirm that again all right here’s? The end, everybody concur. Congratulations! Mavalo amordo! You’re, pretty lucky. Let’s, see lincoln says i see. Mavaldo floralina sees it uh, yep and joe durbin.

Everyone’s, confirming it guys that’s, the winner, so mavaldo! Congratulations! You know what movar i’m just sitting here. Thinking hidden is in the house. He always wins. I bet you you and hidden are gonna have to have a talk later.

Okay, i’ve got it for you here buddy. How did i know it was end time, banded simple, it was wrote right there. My wife wrote it down. Okay, yep! Now let me take and put all this together, because this will go with the wind and then we’re gonna go back guys to looking.

I’m gonna start looking again and as soon as i take it. If we find anything of interest, i will let you know, and i’ll – be grading them as we go. Let’s, see congratulations once again, myvoldo and thank you very much.

Okay, this one’s, an ugly looking coin. It’s, got a print on it as well. Man i don’t, know how he ‘ S got prints on, but they sure this one here sure does. I hope that we don’t have all this, but that’s.

Okay, there has been a couple nice ones. Thank you, mavodo, hello, mo hill and welcome greg lee. Welcome. Welcome awesome, uh bradley swayze. I believe it is welcome to youtube’s corner. Thank you guys for all stopping by hello, john rook, and we’re off to the next one.

Let’s, see here this one’s a little bit better guys, even though the uh man, the face, has got a lot of abrasions on it. However, this is at least the 65, maybe a 66 red on the obverse. Again we have now i’m.

Seeing a little bit. I’m. Seeing this reverse again, this reverse has got a uh strikethrough lamination i’ll, show you that i noticed a little bit it’s, either a lamb or a strikethrough, but i’ll. Let you guys look at it with me and we’ll go from there.

Okay, here’s, the coin and that’s right there uh i’m gonna put a little bit on an angle, so you guys can see it just a little better whoops. Let me find it again: okay and focus it in pretty cool huh hello, paul hampton good to see you ken, nicole good, to see you as well uh.

If you’re still guessing those letters, you may want to refresh jared oh hello and welcome to youtube coin off. So there you go that’s. What i’ve! Seen on this just a little dial lamination! I’m gonna put all of these varieties, guys or errors.

I will be putting them off to the side and we’ll, decide later what we’re, going to do with that so off to the next coin. Uh this here is only about an ms64 condition. Ah versus nice and red reverse is a lot nicer.

The reverse would be a good 66 or better, but still no varieties. Uh time bandit yeah. I would agree with that. Hello, james, you banks. If i say i’ve already said hi guys, i don’t, know greg lee hello to you good, to see you and welcome to youtube’s going off everybody.

Now this is the end coin. That came off of the end i can tell by the color of it, looks like it even has a wheel mark on it. I’ve, seen the obverse, but the reavers looking they did yeah nothing special.

So let’s. Move on to the next one: okay, listen here, i’m only going to give it a 64 grade red no double die. I’d hit on the ear and i have nothing on the reverse. Nice. Looking reverse but nothing floor does have another uh giveaway uh, getting ready to come up guys.

Okay, listen here at first glance, no varieties, uh um! I can only give it a 65.. I’ve. Seen so far about five different dies. Everybody i’m gonna dig into the pile a little bit here. This is interesting because this one this one has gotten this might be considered a woody everybody down the road i’ll.

Show it to you in just a second wait. A minute. This one’s, got a rotated die. I haven’t been looking for that. I just happen to notice when i flip this one, because it’s like wow, that’s way off. So it’s, not a great big rotation, but what i’m gonna have to do is in order for you guys to see the rotation i’m gonna take, and i’m gonna First off double check it, but in order for me to do that, i want to put it in a flip and i ‘

Ll double check it because i could be messing up. Okay, there. It’s about five degrees off, maybe less, between three to five degrees off i’ll. Show you guys this and let you guys make a determination.

Okay, there. It is straight up and down, as you can see and like i said this has got what looks like a little bit of a woody appearance to it. However, a straight flip over and the camera ain’t got there.

We go it’s only about three degrees. Uh right there’s upside down, and i got ta, try and flip it as best i can. But let’s say it’s about three or 176 degrees. Rotated not much, but still it is a little rotated.

Let’s, move on and hopefully find come on guys you guys ain’t thinking for the double dies, real good, we’ve got to find a double die. This is a nice graded coin here on the obverse, this obverse stealer 69.

This obverse is looking real good like a 67 or better reverse has got one hit, that’s, not going to help it. That would keep it into a 67 without that one hit. I think i might get a 67 plus, but i’m gonna pull this enough for one to possibly be graded.

Everybody, hello, penny queen daryl, usa. Welcome everybody uh jared! Oh hello, hello, hello, welcome all the new people in the youtube squad. We’re, trying to search this 37 and we’ve, not really been so lucky on finding any other varieties on it, but that’s.

Okay, i mean they’re still nice coins. This is another one that’s grades. Oh tell you: what guys, if you’re gonna need some better graded coins for sets. This will be a nice uh when we start selling these individually.

They’ll, be nice for that. Okay, this one here man – this is, i don’t know what that’s from it’s, just a discoloration. It’s, not really, and it looks like it’s in the metal, but no double does a nicer coin, probably a 65 grade.

Maybe a six jared, oh well! Thank you very much. We appreciate you shane hestler, uh, shane hessler. I’m, not certain what you’re trying to sell, but let’s see here. Let me know: okay. Floor wants me to take and hit another 10 so that we do a giveaway anybody counting because i’m.

Not let me count and see how many we’ve got let’s, see 3. 5. 7. 8. 10. 12. 14. 16. 18. 20. I got 25 right now, so we hit another 10.. Okay, guys four says awesome: martha! Does there you go marquee that’s, the spirit? Okay, we’re gonna do another giveaway.

Now let’s. See it’s 8. 38. So i’m gonna put 8 40. For my start time. Get your cap locks. Everybody! Uh. 2. 1. 20. 21. Here take this in there and put a letter on it. Cat blocks everybody here’s, going to be that’s.

The way to look she’s, going to take and put the letter on it and once you see youtube point out say go i want you to start off with just one letter. One pick: okay: if we don’t see it after the first pick.

I will then take and let you guys know – and you can do a second pick until we find it. Okay, there you go everybody i’ll. Show you what you’re gonna win at the end of it. Go one letter, everybody one letter per.

Stop, stop, stop, stop! Stop! Stop! I got it. I got it, i got it, i got it. Let me take pull this up. One momento. Just so you know, mods go ahead and have a look. This is to my minds. It’s, the letter! U the letter! U! Okay! Now we’re going to come over here.

I’m, going to go all the way back here’s. The start right here we’re. Looking for the letter? U – and it looks to me like right here – james eubanks, whoops, james eubanks mods. Would you yep joe durbin, says jmg banks lincoln, says james eubanks, congratulations, james! You banks! Now! Oh okay, james! You got some silver too wow.

She really do there’s, a 60 61 and 62. All be you. Roosevelt silver, roosevelt dimes, so james. That’s. What you get okay! I just had to put your name on there. Congratulations, james uh! Let me put your name on it.

Put this all together for you. We have other giveaways as well guys, so apparently, floors are taken every time we get up to ten, which right now i’m at five already. So somebody remind me when i get to the next five to take and to stop so we can give do a giveaway okay.

Thank you, james! Okay, here we go. We’re. Looking some more guys, we still haven’t found a double die. I haven’t, found a variety we found a strike through, we found a die lamination uh found an uh, a rotated dive.

Miner, still haven’t got no double dot, yet we’re buying to get one everybody. I’m, hoping that i got good thoughts. You did not prepare that giveaway. No, give me some more well. You can give me one of them.

I can do one of those well, you know what so you grab one if it’s, a 73, all the better for the customers or to the fans, we got a couple of bikes. We’re, going to be giving [ Music ]. Oh this is a nice looking coin.

I hope it continues the way i’m. Looking, you know a steeler there’s allowed to be a few of these 67s. Maybe even better grades, this one is definitely going to be graded. This has got a potential of a higher than a 67 steeler.

Just saying, okay, how many more do i got ta go 10 again! You still need uh, you got 25., so that’s 27. So this is 28. I think here’s. Another nice one, not quite as good, but it might make a six plus i’ll.

Tell you what we’re, not getting the varieties, but we have gotten a few that are nicer grades. I’m, going to put that one off to the maybe get rated okay here’s, the last one that we’re, going to be doing another giveaway everybody uh 66 grade on this one, everybody so far, i’ve not seen no doubling not seen a double die yet uh.

This is a 66 plus red ah, but i turn it over to the reverse and i get a bunch of partial fingerprint. It just lost that grade. Okay, so are we ready for another giveaway floor? I think we’re ready for another giveaway everybody that’s right, hidden, says another giveaway by golly.

If hidden says giveaway, and we should do a giveaway, let’s, see uh. I had 844, so i’m gonna put eight 46 as far as the time frame goes, that’s. Why? I’m going to do it floor, come here and put me a uh.

The next giveaway is gonna, be okay, everybody. This looks cool now. This is some kind of something something don’t ask me what is big. It is not silver. I can tell you that there you go, but it’s cool where’s.

The letter, it’s right here. No, i’m, going to write the letter write the letter okay hold on uh, trying to get the camera to focus on there we go. That is what we’ll, be giving away everybody. So there you go that’s.

What we’re, giving away it’s, got a c of a let’s, see here um it’s, copper, nickel, 54 grams, 2003, 50 millimeters. It’s, proof 20, banknote andrew jackson, eagle and u.s flag, um, and it says that there was 999 complete editions.

So there you go that’s. What you are that’s, what the prize is going to be and it’s numbered uh, let’s, see we got 3994. That is the number for it. It comes in this little package just like that. So there you go now here again: cap locks, everybody get your cap nuts, let’s, see! Oh okay, put your cat box on one guess per person and after you do the one just per person.

If we don’t see it, we’ll, let you know, and you can do it a second time. Okay, go everybody! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop stop! That was a quick one. That was a quick one. Stop yeah the next two or three okay, everybody here’s.

The deal, let me show you mods, feel free to check it out right there you go the letter g, okay, right here’s, our go and we’re. Looking for the letter g and right there, everybody was guessing g, but kevin 07 was the first one colin soner, sorry, and just done sorry, you guys had the right numbers, but the first one right here: kevin 07.

! Congratulations, kevin, 07.! So 707! I got your name here and it will go on to the uh onto the item. Congratulations, kevin07! Okay. We still have a couple more giveaways to do everybody. So let’s. Get back! Let’s.

See now somebody i don’t care who it is, but somebody out there keep track of how many coins they go through, because i can’t keep carrying an account. I know we ‘ Ve only got two more giveaways and 20 more coins, so guys we got to hit something here pretty soon.

Okay, this is here’s, a print on it yeah i don’t know who was put these in here when they rolled these, but they did a bad job at it. If you ask me usually back, then they did a lot better job. They do today and you know guys i have went through roles depending upon the scarcity of them.

I went through roles in the last coin. Literally, the last coin was a double die. Rpm um, usually they’re, the scarce ones, though this one’s. Only about a 60. I’m, going to give this a 64 red and we’re off to the next one.

This one here’s. Another 64, maybe five. I’m, not even finding the double eyes or anything any filipino watching i can bring home your items. Floralina says: is there any filipinos out there? If so, she can bring your items home when she comes back to the filipino awes.

Come on you’re, taking over uh hidden’s job there give me a break, come on my pillow thinking, you can say it into garlic and they might answer there. You go jared l. I hope you’re right. How you doing oz good to see you paul summerlin, good, to see you? No, i don’t believe it has been searched um.

You know that’s, a hard call to make everybody, because there are uh imitations and things like that. But i don’t think they have. I just don’t know. I know this much. The coins i’ve, seen enough of the varieties in there.

You know sometimes guys you just that’s. What i call these rolls a lottery: okay, because it’s, just like a lottery, you never know if you got a winner until you get it open and you search them. I’ve taken folks and this is their lie.

I’ve found very valuable coins. In fact, at the end of last year i took and at the end of a coin purchase deal i had purchased about 400 from this guy and he had a roll of jefferson nickels that were bu.

19. 46. San francisco, he says: do you want this roll with nickels? I said i don’t know how much is it and he took – and he said, give me thirty dollars for it. I said: okay, i ‘ Ll. Give you thirty dollars.

You threw it in the batch well, i normally do not search my coins but beings. It was a nickel that was in a two-row. I will look at the first few to see make certain that they’re uncirculated for you, because sometimes people will uh salt and pepper them put unknowns on top down the center.

They’re all searched and they’re junk, so i went ahead and i searched a few of them. Well guys. I ended up coming across two 1946 s: fifa stanton 101 double die arbors and both of them came back a mint state.

65 go look that value up. It’s, a very, very valuable point: hello, new marshall in town, but so you know that’s, that’s been my personal experience, guys i find as many varieties and tubes as i do original bank wraps, but by The same token, you don’t, get them every time that’s, just part of the hobby, that’s, part of the fun part of the thrill of the hunt to me.

Finding them is where the thrill is um. I mean it just is you know i i look at so many coins every day it’s. Really really you wouldn’t. Believe it a lot of people, don’t realize. But if i don’t look through at least 100 coins.

Almost every day of the week, i’m sick uh. Normally, when i go to the coin shops, i look at a thousand or better coins. A lot quicker than i’m looking at these, but i do look. I do not believe this is a double die, but it does have some interesting.

I want to look at that under the scope. Just for the curiosity’s sake, because i seen something that it could be from a master hub and i do want to take a peek at we’ll, look and see what it is uh. Let me focus this in.

It was expensive, let’s, see i’m, going to get a little lower here, a little closer okay, see on the inside of that e of the wii. I see a little bit of extra metal in there, but i’m. Not seeing enough to make me say that it’s, a double die.

This particular roll guys cost me about two hundred dollars, just the one roll yeah. That does not include the 1936 that i bought as well. The 36 was more expensive. Uh jared you’re close. You’re, real, close yeah.

I know the dealer guys i’m by the way. Just to let you know. Okay, i don’t, see nothing on this particular coin, just to let the ones that are new here welcome. However, i have an entire bag of 1970 san francisco unopened, a beautiful bag that don’t have no discoloration down the road one day we’ll, be opening that which there you can have blank planted clip planted clams.

You can get multiple strikes on top of each other. There’s, so much you can find in a an original bank uh bag. Not only that i can take in the bag on it had 1969 san francisco, but they blacked out the 69 and wrote 70 under it.

So it’s. The only bag. I don’t know when the 70 small dates if they were early done or late, so it may be a whole bag of 1970 small dates. I just don’t, know um, but there is a double die: obverse.

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